Eric   Canada
I trade to play.

No random adds.

"Add for trade" No shit. You mean it's not for my cookie recipe?

Tell me what you want to trade.

"I want BLABLA" *Blocked* Manners. Use them or leave.
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Sunday drives are the best.
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I collect awesome shit.
My trade rules. Because REASONS.
1. I do not subscribe to the idea that the lowest value something has ever been... is its new value forever.

What's the lowest amount you've you ever been paid an hour? That's your new salary forever. Not so appealing now is it.

I think that idea is one of the stupidest fucking things I have ever heard. Literally nothing else on the planet works like that. No market, no economy, no friendship... NOTHING. It's merely a way for people who have a lot... to devalue the people who don't and in doing so, gain access to their shit. #historybro

So no. You can't have my shit at the price it was on sale for 2 years ago on steam.

2. Offers must be reasonable and fair. I have the internet too. I know what things are worth. Not interested in your lowest offer. Don't need stuff for trading. Don't care if you can get an item for 50 cents, or half a chipmunk covered in peanut butter. Price is fair market price. Easy to find on or in major trader threads on SteamTrades. You start fair... I will be more fair. Start with bullshit... get nothing. Guaranteed.

If you do... don't even bother.
I will know and shut it down.
Psychic as fuck.

Both sides match. If you're here to make a profit... buh bye felecia.

Other than that... am easy going=), very long winded, a child that survived and always ready to help.

Gaming since ASCII.

Easiest way to trade is:

I will only trade steam gifts for steam gifts and if it's a rare or really quality title... Offer better melt my face or i won't be interested. I'm not expecting stacked offers... just smart ones.

You always run faster with a knife.
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bubanstix Apr 25 @ 1:14pm 
added you to trade
sayler_ Mar 31 @ 4:31am 
Added for a possible trade
Mr.Vico` Mar 26 @ 7:07am 
Add for 12 is better than 6,thanks a lot
你比从前快乐 Mar 5 @ 2:24am 
added for Tomb Raider GOTY Edition (ROW)
훔바훔바 Feb 6 @ 2:19am 
added for terraria
perrolijo Feb 1 @ 2:44pm 
Hi, nice to meet you. Your impersonator also tried to scam me.