David Schwegler   Bellingham, Washington, United States
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<-- With Dendi at TI8 :8bitheart:
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IMPORTANT: I'm a 11-time admin (see my résumé below), so people sometimes impersonate me to steal items. Check the URL to make sure you're on the right profile!
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Hi, I'm Commander Schwegs, nice to meet you! :8bitheart:

Dota 2 became my favorite game after The International 2013, and I was the UGC League Broadcasting Manager during 2014 & 2015. I've played 1,000+ games and spent thousands of hours following tournaments. It's great fun, even if I still miss plenty of last hits ;) I enjoy learning and discussing the advanced strategies and mechanics of all the characters and items. I have attended TI4, TI5, ESL NY, TI6, Boston Major, TI7, and TI8, and had the pleasure to meet Dendi, Puppey, BSJ, Black^, LD, TobiWan, Teams Na'Vi/EG/VP, and many others! It was also great to meet so many friends in-person that I've met online. Go VP!!! ;)

Before that, however, I was really into TF2! In fact, I played it from when it came out in 2007 until mid 2013. I was an admin for many TF2 servers, both playing servers and trading servers, and I also participated in competitive clans. When I wasn't busy doing that, you could usually find me inventing new ways to (lovingly) pwn n00bs on a 2fort server ;). I really enjoyed the trading community, and spent thousands of hours helping people safely conduct item-for-item and item-for-money trades from 2010-2013. Unfortunately, there were imposters who deceived people into giving them their items thinking it was me, but fortunately, there were far more people I was able to help! :) I had the privilege of visiting Valve in September 2012 along with Helen Angel (SteamRep) and Butane (SourceOP) to meet with Steam Support to talk about the trading community, along with meeting Robin Walker, Drunken F00l, and the TF2 dev team.

My admin résumé:
- Dota Underlords (Official Community, Discord Moderator, 2019-present)
- Mid or Meepo (Dota 2 Community, Discord Admin, 2017-present)
- UGC League (Dota 2 League/Site, Admin/Broadcasting Manager, 2014-2016)
- Harpoon Gaming (TF2 Trading Server/Site, Admin, 2013-2014)
- Mann Co. Trading (TF2 Trading Server/Site, Admin, 2012-2013)
- SteamRep (Trading Ban/Reputation Database/Site, Honorary Moderator, 2012-2013)
- Unusual Trading Community (TF2 Trading Server/Site, Admin, 2011-2012)
- SourceOP Trusted Sellers (TF2 Trading Group/Site, Group Manager, 2011-2013)
- Unusual Hat Club (TF2 Trading Server/Site, Admin, 2010-2011)
- WWW/B&C (TF2 Playing Server, Admin, 2008-2010)
- AMF (TF2 Playing Server, Admin, 2007-2008)

Some links:
- Old example of scammer impersonating my profile [i.imgur.com]
- @CmdrSchwegs, my Twitter account
- My DotaBuff page [dotabuff.com]
- My Dota 2 Lounge profile/trades/dota backpack [dota2lounge.com]
- My TF2 trades [www.tf2outpost.com]
- My old SourceOP buying/selling reputation thread [forums.sourceop.com]
- Awesome gif of my Unusual Napper's Respite collection made by my talented friend Blackie [i1214.photobucket.com]
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Add regarding a graphic related offer, thanks.
~机械工业 Feb 4 @ 1:07am 
Your profile is good :) I hope i also meet Dendi
4rvp Jul 27, 2018 @ 12:03am 
Hi, instead of going through the regular "contact us"/"support" section of the place you moderate, I'm just gonna add you on here, just please accept mine out of the 200+ you possibly get every day to solve why my (friend that hacked) got banned and to help unban him, thank you. Oh, and once you add me I'll speak in broken/improper english to make any attempt of your help diminished by you needing clarification because of my ambiguous/unreadable replies.
estr0g3n Feb 2, 2018 @ 8:39am 
i wuld realy apriceiat if you took some time out of your day
to help a scammed victum
estr0g3n Feb 2, 2018 @ 8:37am 
can you help me
『Galaxyy』 Dec 28, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
Added cause i have a UGC question!