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ja har inte cs
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passage in the shrub in classes with my gloves glasses fall above club packed with ear buds plugged in my ear drum numb me up with these mammoth tusk beating me senseless till im numb eat me like grub fly with my eyes shut plus im stuffed with yesterdays rush copy my moves when your tugged by my experiment above kissing doves like love sucks my luggage in the airport of your coverage double hit go to hell like covenants no rules on earth dont matter what you do it turns to morning dew i sip mountain dew while im dead and i read the news like a mutant waking up in a bed made out of cannons get vanished in a group or douches exclusive death revolving stupid looking♥♥♥♥♥from the ruins of the school work making me clueless ruthless from heavens speaking of the return of jesus with the death of my red pumas holes in them from units
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