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The Spoopy Kitteh Just now 
@spaghet cat:
Jordan is a troll. He’s stirring♥♥♥♥♥♥ There’s no need to listen to what he says about a situation that got a group he was in got taken down because some people in it kept persisting on being bullies after getting warned to stop by Steam Support (via comment deletion).

Your “wife”, Vixie, just joined a group owned by Froggy, a person you despise for causing drama. Her participation in the public shaming and bullying was part of a group’s downfall.
Cheap Shot Sound. 8 hours ago 
Кольт скажи пожалуйста куда жаловаться на читеров?
☠ Jordan ☠ 8 hours ago 
Crashed just because people don't like DRM doesn't mean that they advocate for piracy. I am asking you directly why you would advocate as a consumer for something that does not benefit you as a consumer and in fact hinders you. I am talking about DRM entirely. I buy from Steam because Steam let's me mod my games. I am ok with owning a license of I can still mod. As for violating the rules I am calling you a thin skinned ♥♥♥♥♥ boy who needs to learn to be an adult. If we are to discuss violating anything it would be you violating copyright law by filing false support claims to numerous websites because you cannot handle criticism of things that you like.
Vixie 8 hours ago 
I didn't realize being anti-DRM was being pro-piracy. :hmmmx:
Crashed 8 hours ago 
Colt, is Jordan violating the rules? He seems to want to intimidate me from discussing things like the apparently (at least in my region) malfunctioning link filter as well as protecting those who discuss piracy.