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You may add me if:
We know each other from in-game, discord, or real life.
We are in a case where we need to urgently resolve something, where it is better to add each other to discuss matters. (Problem or question related to GMod servers does NOT fall under this!)
You left a comment stating a convincing reason why I should accept you.

You may NOT add me if:
You are adding me just to ask me a specific question. Write a comment instead. If you have no commenting rights, then I did it to either prevent spam, or for personal reasons.
You want to trade. I don't do that.
You are looking for people to play Disc Jam/Rocket League/Garry's Mod with. I don't play with strangers like that.
You want to beg me for random crap.
You just want to use me for all your "how to" questions. I won't let you use me as your resource for these things, look it up yourself.
Basically don't add me if we never met directly, because I decline requests by default. My 250+ friends come from the fact that I used to collect friends, and occasionally do, for other people's satisfaction.
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whats up cunt
Oh, hey there stranger! I wonder what brought you here.
Feel welcome to my profile if you want, or not.

People know me as Radek, which is my name on Steam. I started using this name in 2014 after going through an array of different random meaningless names like Zaral, Koyolex or Kryl. I have a different name which also starts with R, and if you know which one it is, then you have some pretty close relations with me.
I'm some teenager based somewhere in krautland who sees no point in life and occasionally plays video games just so I can say I didn't completely waste my time. Also nothing interests me really.
Wanna know more? Oh.



Jesteś polak?

Can I add you?
Check my profile info above to find out.

Are you hot and good in bed?
Probably and probably.

Male Boeing AH-64 Attack Helicopter

Are you gay?
fuck off

wanna trade? i have tons of cool stuff
No, for your information, I don't trade.

Are you a weeb?
Just a little tiny bit maybe? I occasionally have weeb avatars on discord so...

Computer Specs and Peripherals because everyone has to know
[Operating System] Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (i was too cool for the free upgrade)
[Motherboard] MSI Z97-G43
[Processor] Intel Core i5 4460
[Graphical Processing Unit] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (MSI)
[Random Channel Memory] 16GB Dual-Channel DDR3
[Storage] 931GB HDD Drive
1920x1080 Monitor (Samsung)

[Keyboard] Corsair K70 RGB (MX Cherry Brown)
[Mouse] Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
[Headset] Logitech G430 (Surround Sound)
1 CDDVDW Optical Drive

Honorable people
Not ordered by anything, so don't think I am ordering this by priority.
Also no one asked for this, but eh

Mythic - Chill dude who owns a garry's mod community where I am an admin. Even though he unfriended me eventually (rip), I can say that after these 4 years of knowing each other, we have very good relations.

Freezebug - Lead dev of mythic servers. His IQ level already trumps those of einstein and newton.

Mikusch - We met mainly through the Tower Unite community, and eventually gathered together in discord because we needed a safe bunker. Thanks for having some cool sound files for your soundboard for me to steal

forcesince - Chill russo-kraut who is fun to play games with. We met in that achievement_turbo TF2 server back when I was new to steam, in 2011. The chats were just as fun. We haven't talked in years and I think he forgot about me, but I haven't forgotten him yet.

Spacecode - Met in that gamemode called Devinity 2. We are both in the same faction and farmed a lot together when no one else was on the server. Cool dude.

Aftokinito - shut the fuck up im not playing hoi4 with you
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These are the times where I would really like to have a neutral rating for reviews, because I can't fully recommend this game to others given their usual expectations, but I'd also feel bad for giving this game a "Not recommended" review, the game does not do enough things wrong for that.

Crisis in the Kremlin is essentially a text-based, turn-based Soviet Union Simulator, where the player is given the title "General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union", or just "Leader of the USSR" for short. You are given many different possibilities to choose a political path, either continuing the confrontation policy against the west and seek to win the cold war, or reform the USSR into a social democratic state with a market economy. Or you can choose the path of automatization, all up to you. For that you can choose the proper General Secretary in the main menu to play as, as they all have different traits, so that these political paths become appropriately realizable.

Besides that you also have to do other miscellaneous jobs such as influencing party factions as well as individual political figures, keep corruption low, choose political doctrines, etc. etc..

The idea in itself is great. It lets you get a feeling of soviet politics in the mid-80s and act in them, make choices and try different paths the USSR could go in an alternate history. Combined with a classic soundtrack containing popular red army choir songs as well as other related works of music, this game really seeks nostalgia, no matter if direct or collective. The core concept of the game is clear and really pulls someone into playing the game, which is what a game should do. However, there are flaws which combined make up a massive drawback for all the things this game is good for.

What this game lacks massively is feedback. The stats board you can view when clicking on the USSR map is the best source of feedback you get when it comes to staying in touch with what's happening in the game. The English in this game is incredibly broken with lots of grammar and spelling mistakes and lots of poorly constructed sentences, which especially can have an effect on understanding event descriptions, messing with your ability to make choices. I understand that this is because the developers are Russian and don't have an English translator, but the effect is there.

The user interface is very uninformative and unresponsive, it's often not fully clear what you just did by pressing a specific button, or if that button even worked, because you can't see IF you pressed a button given that this game is made entirely of flat sprites (possibly intended for a nostalgic effect?). All screens look soulless and unimmersive, and pass by like a cheap powerpoint presentation made by a 5th grader (I stole this one).
Executing diplomatic actions while meeting all requirements (which are, by the way, just lazily written at the bottom of the sidebar in one line without any sort of organization, making it hard to read and comprehend combined with the poor English) just tells you "Success". And if you respectively don't, it just says "Something went wrong", without atleast telling me what requirement I missed so I can seek to change that (exception is missing political points).

The game is very unfriendly towards beginners. All the game offers is a very lacking and barebones tutorial which is actually another powerpoint presentation of what some buttons do and what some numbers mean (also in fairly broken English), but still leaves a lot of basics unexplained, leaving a lot open for interpretation, and newcomers clueless on how anything works or what to even do. I swear I was at 10+ hours playtime when I found out what the "reserve" requirement in country diplos is, and that was explained to me in the game's steam discussions. At the very beginning, I had to look up a youtube video to find out what investing in some specific economic fields does, and I'm still unsure about a lot of things. The game does not do a good job at preparing you for what's awaiting you, the tutorial is too lackluster to do this job, and that is very demotivating.

I do not accuse this game of being outright "bad" or "not worth it", because that's not what it is, hence my positive rating. It is possible to fully grasp this game and play effectively, people have done it and so can you. Once you do that, the game can actually become quite fun. Just remember that it is not easy to get into and start, a lot is up to you.

Now here's some points that suggest how this game could be improved.

When you are missing certain criteria for executing a diplomatic action, actually say what you are missing instead of saying "Something went wrong".

The tutorial should atleast say what hitting low loyalty with the different factions (US, China, generals, KGB) could cause, so the player is more aware of the possible consequences. I don't remember the tutorial saying anything about this at all, it just hints to that at best.

Adding tooltips, which clarify some things a bit further, would alone drastically help the problem of not knowing what several things (can) cause. ESPECIALLY the ministers need this, because I really need to know what "Suslov's methods of propaganda" are.

What the game can also do is give you feedback on the results of your actions. So for example, every specified time, the game tells you "You are doing A,B and C well. However, something is going wrong at X, Y and Z, consider changing some things there" so that you don't just keep losing money and pointlessly try to solve this by cutting military spending and influence even though it doesn't help and is not even the problem.

And ontop of all this, there also seems to be a heap of bugs from what I heard, but with the unclarity of how most things work, it is hard to tell the difference. Because of the fact that this game is not in Early Access or any sort of beta stage indicated by the developers (?), this is a bit surprising.

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