"Adorable and fluffy" - Froo <3   Texas, United States
Depression's fun, I guess.

Gender: Male. Thought it was obvious but people have mistaken me for a girl, so...
Sexual Orientation: Bi, male preference.
Birthday: August 4th
Age: Old enough to legally have sex and watch porn, too young to legally buy beer. (In other words: somewhere between 18 to 21)
In a relationship.
That's all you're getting.

TF2 Wishlist:
Bubbling Bubble Pipe
Smoking Hat With No Name
Nuts n' Bolts Human Cannonball
Australium Flamethrower

There was a time when this box was filled with RP character info.

"Maybe if I taunt after every kill, dad won't beat me tonight." - Lime Green Scout
"I main Heavy, that means I'm good at this game." - The Heavy main who plays exclusively 2Fort and constantly has a Medic up his ass
"lol ez (even though you've killed me enough times to dominate me 3 times over and I had to switch off of Sniper and go Soldier or Scout to kill you)" - Obnoxious Sniper main with an ego bigger than the fucking Sun
"ew pyro main fucking kill yourself you autistic faggot" - Everyone
"Random crits are an okay thing to put in our skill-based multiplayer first-person shooter." - Valve
"Hey, you know Soldier? The guy who can decimate fucking everything with little to no effort? Let's never nerf him." - Valve, again
^ These people, along with Valve itself, are why I genuinely hate TF2 sometimes, and why I constantly find myself taking breaks from the game, not wanting to go back.
God I fucking hate people who think they're good when they have a pocket Medic.

Actual quotes that aren't me mocking people:

"Responsibility's cool, but there's more things in life. Like getting your dick, rode all fuckin' night." - MC Ride

"Suicide might help." - Froo

"I can't wait to beat people with my adorable face." - Froo

"I'm going to be beating people to death with your ass." - Froo

"Bird Porn is the ultimate weapon." - Froo

"I'll make you fit." - Froo

"Eat my nuts already." - Froo

Not a Lewd Burb: *avali sound*
Not a Lewd Burb: *squish*
Not a Lewd Burb: definitely not you masturbating

Froo: They're all dead!
Froo: It's TIIIIIIIME to go fucking!

"Tocsik, you have 200,000 lines of errors being spammed in your console. That's more than the amount of people that live in Wyoming ." - Froo, upon seeing my TF2 crash log

"Who knew the AI in this game could rape you."
- Froo

"Why is my crotch jiggling?" - Froo

- Nick, but really, really loud.

(TEAM) Government Cheese : we need datamined files of the engineer moaning for 10 minutes straight on youtube
(TEAM) Government Cheese : it'd make a great forum weapon

The Elite Sangheili : Letting you live was a mistake
(Voice) Tocsik: Yes

Nightshade Gale : I hate myself for putting the text to speach voice on pyro
Nightshade Gale : Literally all im hearing is 'Ow that fucking hurts.'
(TEAM) doggolord19 : everyone go pyro

Silly Xili : Fuck my bunny butt with your large cock!~
lolwhat? : Why are you the way that you are?
Silly Xili : my parents dont love me
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☣ All hail the end of the world ☣

Names: because I have name ADD and can't seem to keep a single name
- Tocsik / Xili (Either name works)
- Grimm (2014 - 2016)
- MrGrimm XM8 (original name)
- My real name, if you happen to know it.

Important info: (aka read this shit)
:Burnstar_bomb: I will not accept random friend requests unless we have quite a few friends in common or I've met you before. >Private profiles will be blocked.< (This doesn't apply if I recognize you from another site or from in-game)
:Burnstar_bomb: I read everything when visiting someone's for the first time. If there's something you want people to read before adding you, chances are I've already read it.
:Burnstar_bomb: If I happen to be the one who sends you a friend request, it's probably because we like a lot of the same things. Or we play on the same server a lot. Or you weren't a complete scumbag in KF2.
:Burnstar_bomb: That being said, I don't send adds often.
:Burnstar_bomb: I might end up removing you if we haven't talked in years and I have no idea who you are.
:Burnstar_bomb: Do not invite me to raffle groups or to play games that I don't own.
:Burnstar_bomb: If you expect me to not be an incredibly toxic player, look at my main name. I live up to it.
:Burnstar_Bomb: I hate thinking about the past, don't remind me of it.
:Burnstar_Bomb: I don't ERP. Or RP at all for that matter.
:Burnstar_Bomb: If my own Steam level passes 100, remove me.

Random info about me that's not important:
:Horzine: What the fuck is a furry? Ignore that group over there named "[FURRY]"
:Horzine: The date I joined Steam is the same date I started playing TF2.
:Horzine: I am obsessed with almost all things related to fire.
:Horzine: I change my name and avatar semi-often, give me a nickname. Preferably an insulting one.
:Horzine: I have Asperger's. That should explain a few things.
:Horzine: Probably not the most "positive" person you'll ever meet.
:Horzine: I can't aim, so I use flamethrowers and shotguns.:pyro::shotgunshell:
:Horzine: I really like Botkiller weapons.
:Horzine: I used to make Gmod posters, but quit due to framerate issues, overall lack of motivation, and hating how edgy they used to be.

Online: Gee, what do you think?
Away: AFK, taking a nap, totally not fapping, etc
Busy: Irrelevant, Valve removed this.
Offline: "wow i cant believe tocsik is FUCKING D E A D" - Temp

Killing Floor stuff::MrFoster:
Favorite perks: :ShotgunShell:Support:shotgunshell:and:pyro:Firebug:pyro:
Favorite map: Offices
Favorite characters: D.A.R, Pyro, Foster/Magma, and Steampunk Scully/Firebug
Highest difficulty beaten: Hell On Earth+ (though my achievements don't exactly say it. "+" meaning difficulties harder than HoE)
I used to play on the Siren Torturers server a lot. To my knowledge, I'm the highest level Firebug on there; being the only person on the server with an Orange-Tier Firebug.

My KF2Stats. [kf2stats.de]
Favorite perks: :pyro:Firebug:pyro::Burnstar_bomb:Demo:Burnstar_bomb:and:ss2heart:Field Medic:ss2heart:
Favorite map: Containment Station, Zed Landing, and Nuked
Favorite characters: Mr. Foster, D.A.R, DJ Skully
Highest difficulty beaten: Hell On Earth
I honest to god do not enjoy this game anymore, the only reason I play it is because of my boyfriend.

TF2 stuff::fire:
Mains: :pyro:Pyro:pyro:/:BFNades:Soldier:BFNades:/:heavybullet:Heavy:heavybullet:
Highest killstreak: 46 (as Pyro)
Favorite official gamemode: CTF/Mannpower
Favorite custom gamemodes: Slender Fortress and Surf
Favorite maps: 2Fort, Turbine, Hellfire, and the long-dead beta map, Asteroid
Favorite class(es): Pyro obviously, Soldier, Heavy, and Scout
Least favorite class: Funnily enough, Heavy. I love playing as him, but he is without a doubt my least favorite class to fight against. (Demo and Sniper are close seconds)
Please note that my in-game stats have been reset, some things like playtime are not accurate.
3,000 hours of my life wasted on this game, and I'm still garbage.

Favorite games/franchises::8bitheart:
- Twisted Metal (Favorite games of all time, TM2 specifically) :pyro:
- Team Fortress 2 :fire:
- Killing Floor :dosh:
- Starbound
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Borderlands 2
- Sven Co-op
- Garry's Mod

Honorable mentions (AKA games I wish I didn't hate):
- Killing Floor 2. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. It used to be a fantastic game, but TWI adding pointless/outright frustrating features and going overboard with buffs/nerfs has dampened my enjoyment heavily. I regret wasting 1,000 hours of my life on this game.
- Insurgency. I want to like this game. I really, really, really want to like this game. But being sniped and killed in one shot from across the map by a bot with an SMG that supposed to be really inaccurate at that range isn't fun. It's bad when the most enjoyment I can get from this game is being perma-banned from a server for throwing a flashbang.

Favorite music artists::FredericNote:
- Death Grips
- Judas Priest
- Shinedown
- Megadeth
- Rob/White Zombie
- System of a Down
- Pitchshifter
- zYnthetic
- Street Cleaner
- Carpenter Brut
- Perturbator

Overall favorite music genre: Metal

Things I like::ontoagoodthing:
:ss2heart: This owl~ <3
:8bitheart: Shotguns
:8bitheart: Flamethrowers
:8bitheart: Fire
:8bitheart: Bunnies :inqsbunny:
:8bitheart: Birds
:8bitheart: Avali
:8bitheart: Futuristic/Cyberpunk/Steampunk shit
:8bitheart: Modding the ever-living fuck out of my game until it doesn't function properly (I'm sorry TF2 please forgive me)

Things I don't like::td1:
:headless: Using Autism in any insulting manner. Doing this is the quickest way to lose my respect.
:JasonsFireAxe: The entirety of the KF2 community.
:JasonsFireAxe: Gunslinger and 99% of SWAT mains
:JasonsFireAxe: People who play as Corporal Lewis (KF1) or Ana Larive (KF2)
:JasonsFireAxe: Basically every TF2 class main except Medic. Actually, fuck Medics too.
:JasonsFireAxe: The Degreaser, and people who glorify it.
:JasonsFireAxe: CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite, and Overwatch
:JasonsFireAxe: JoJo. (Goes without saying, I absolutely hate the JoJo set for Heavy)
:JasonsFireAxe: Anime and weebs in general
:JasonsFireAxe: You. Specifically.
:JasonsFireAxe: Most likely actually you, if your Steam level is over 100. Congratulations, you wasted about $200 on a number. Hope you're happy.
:JasonsFireAxe: My PC.
:Burnstar_bomb: To put it simply: a lot of things.

If I'm ever offline for 60 days, that means I'm dead.

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>"kf2 ♥♥♥♥ing sucks"
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-rep doesn't actually live up to his old username.
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[unfunny joke in response]
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I still won't believe that you hate KF2 :spiraltroll:
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