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6.2 hrs on record
I did not finish the game because I was getting extremely aggravated. There seems to be 3 endings. The path I was on had an encounter with a Mermaid where if you look at her she screams at you and then you die. Sounds easy enough to avoid not looking at her right? Wrong. I tried looking at the walls, the ground, I turned off my flashlight/glowstick which seemed to avoid me getting sucked into her gaze but then several seconds later I would just randomly be sucked into her gaze and die. I could probably get past her if I tried another 50 times, who knows. It doesn't seem worth it though. For all I know I could get past her in my very next try. It is all bad rng and not skill that determines if you die in this spot.
A few tips that I think can improve this game would be.
- At the start of the just remove all of the camera wobbling.
- Have some little story before the game starts so we can know Michael better.
- More tips on where to go whether its from those tip icons or by using the graffiti on the walls. Adding some additional unique looking landmarks would help so the players aren't constantly backtracking or wondering if they have already been in the area.
- Go over the english text again because some of the sentences have bad grammar and are hard to understand. You can probably find a native english speaker to redo all of the text in the game.
- Some of the audio does not sound like a natural person speaking and there are some lines that could be changed that just sound a little more realistic.
- In the section of the game where you pee on the rocks, I looked at the water several times and got no dialogue that I can drink the water. I ended up dying on the hot rocks and looked at the water again when I revived and it appeared instantly. Make it so that dialogue easily appears everytime.
- The Mermaid's Gaze triggers way too easily. Please change it. That was the breaking point for me in this game. I would have completed the game if I did not encounter that Mermaid.
I will say that the game doesn't look that bad graphically. Even though it seems you wanted players to figure things out by themselves as much as possible when the game first came out, I think it would be a better idea to just make this game more linear. Easier paths and giving the players more indication they are on the right path would my biggest suggestion. Many times in this game I found myself just stumbling along. Luckily the autosave feature gave me an idea that I was progressing in the right direction. Even if you dumb the game down more than you would like, some people just enjoy playing through short games and exploring the atmosphere in the game. It is better than frustrating them by making them feel like they have no idea where to go. I know there are multiple paths you can go to trigger different endings, maybe just add a few landmarks for each path.
So in conclusion I can't recommend this game for $2.99. I think this game has some potential but it needs more quality of life type of changes. If the Mermaid section gets reworked I will probably come back and complete the game because I feel like I am right near the end of the game.

So I just finished the game. The Mermaid is now easier to deal with but if you can you should still try to make her even easier to deal with because some of times I died did not seem fair because I was not looking at her.
A few other things I noticed while finishing the game...
- The "Found the air to breathe" achievement did not pop for me even though I found the diving balloon and had it in my inventory.
- The "Just Seemed" achievement turned in color for me on my achievement list but it did not go in my cleared achievements nor does it have a date or time when I accomplished the achievement. I am not sure why this happened. I did run out of time in the game and it should have popped the achievement.
- I started a 2nd playthrough just to try and get some achievements I missed and check out the new navigation, and I ended up dying so I loaded my previous save and it lands me in a spot where I am unable to move and I'm forced to load from a previous save.

The developer of this game has already released a handful of patches It is good to see he is listening to feedback and I hope he will continue to improve the game. So with that being said I am now more inclined to recommend this game. I'd say if you can get this game on sale maybe give it a try. This game is ok at best and it has a little charm to it. I'm just impressed how the developer has already made several changes to improve the game from where it was so I'm pretty much recommending it based on that. This game is far from perfect so don't set your expectations too high when getting into this game.
Posted July 6. Last edited July 8.
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This is an ok Monopoly game. I used to enjoy it more when the game was first coming out. I actually talked to the developer a handful of times back then. The game became much bigger than he expected and he was not prepared for that at all. The game had a lot of bugs and was missing a lot of quality of life type features. While I still login daily for chips (I don't know why) I rarely play this anymore. I did play a game before writing this review. It seems the bugs have been pretty much cleaned up. There are more microtransactions for stickers, different characters and dice. I still feel the game has a long way to go in terms of quality of life type features such as being able to go into the settings while in a game. Different backgrounds and music choices would be nice. After a few games the music will drive you insane so its best to just keep it completely off. Having more depth in the gameplay such as being able to trade with other players or having a optional chat window would be very good changes as well.
There are two ways to play this game. With gadgets and without gadgets. I prefer not playing with gadgets because its more similar to the original Monopoly. If you play with Gadgets it becomes pay to win once you run out of gold coins. Gadgets influence the dice roll so it takes out a lot of the rng elements of a random roll which I do not like. There is also a 2v2 mode.
So in conclusion I am recommending this game if you enjoy Monopoly because there are not Monopoly games on steam. This game is not good but it can be enjoyable to play a few games with friends or just get rid of that Monopoly itch that you might have.
Posted June 29. Last edited June 29.
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2.6 hrs on record
Strong finish to the series in this final episode. Strongbad breaks his Trogdor arcade cabinet and Trogdor ends up breaking out of the game which eventually leads to the video game and real world merging together. I enjoyed playing all 5 of the episodes and its kind of sad that Homestar Runner did not get another video game title. This episode and episode 3 were my favorites while episode 1 was my least favorite.
Posted June 22.
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2.5 hrs on record
This episode features role playing in a cheap movie that Strong Bad created. Episode 3 is still my favorite out of the 4 I've played so far, but I think I liked this better than Episode 1. Out of Marzipan, Homestar, and Coach Z usually one of them will be pretty annoying but I didn't mind any of them in this episode.
Posted June 21. Last edited June 21.
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2.9 hrs on record
Out of the first 3 episodes that I have played, this is one was is my favorite.
Posted June 20.
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2.7 hrs on record
I like this episode better than the first one. The Math Kickers mini game makes a appearance as well as a brief turned based game towards the end of the episode. Even though this episode is mainly about overtaking the King of Town by getting other countries to join Strong Badia, I am glad Strong Sad was in it a lot a lot because he is my favorite character.
Posted June 19. Last edited June 19.
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3.2 hrs on record
Funny point and click game based after the Home Star Runner series that was popular in the early 2000's on homestarrunner.com. I wasn't aware of this cartoon until I won this game recently. I watched some of the series on youtube so I was familar with the characters and could appreciate the game more. I preferred watching the Strong Bad Emails.

This episode is like a 3 hour Homestar Runner cartoon that looks better than the original. It also has Strong Bad emails as well as Snake Boxer 5 and Teen girl squad side content. Your main goal in this episode is getting Homestar out of your house after humiliating him and making him lose the big race.

Telltale made it so you have to download each episode has a stand alone game instead of downloading one single game with all the episodes. I'm not sure why they did that but it is not a big deal. There are achievements/trophies built into the game but they are not steam achievements and only viewable in the game. Not having steam achievements made no sense to me when they already had a blueprint made in the game for achievements. I feel like this would have been a cool game to have steam trading cards/backgrounds/emoticons with all of the different characters but Telltale decided against that.

This game was decent and I would recommend it if you were a Homestar Runner fan or just like funny animated point and click games. Onto episode 2!
Posted June 17. Last edited June 17.
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59.1 hrs on record
This was the first game I've played in the Deus Ex series. I was a little unsure about jumping into the newest game in the series without having some backstory from the previous game, but there is a nice 15 minute video at the start of the game that covers Human Revolution.

I enjoyed playing this game. There are a lot of different ways to tackle a certain mission. You could take many different routes and different kill/no kill options to dispense of your foes. There are a ton of items and readable content to find in the game whether its an ebook or hacking personal emails. There is a decent amount of augmentation choices. There is definitely some replayability value in this game. I played through the game twice so I could make different choices and cover some missed achievements that I wanted to get. If you just rushed through the main missions this game really isn't that long, but with all of the sidequests and replayability it is much longer. I only played the dlc that came with the game called "Desperate Measures" which is pretty much like an extended mission that took place during the storyline and it was nothing great but still worth playing.

As far as the negatives about this game, I think it is poorly optimized. I followed a guide I found that lowered my settings because my cpu couldn't handle this game without big time frame drops and freezing. My cpu is dated but it was surprising to me how hard of a time it had running this game when I was able to run Arkham Knight on much higher settings. I was unable to complete side mission 10 in my first playthrough because I made the cops hostile towards me which upset the npc detective who was somewhat nearby which I thought was pretty dumb. I did not play much of the breach mode much because it was boring. The ending could have been better. The load times when traveling between different areas in Prague are insane. This easily had the longest loading times out of any game I have ever played. I'm not going to complain about the microtransactions in the main menu because they are easily ignorable. Just play the game and you will have plenty of praxis points. If you do a 2nd playthrough you should be able to get and max out every augmentation option.

Overall I thought this was a good game and I definitely recommend playing it.
Posted June 16. Last edited June 16.
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12.0 hrs on record
This is the first Sparkle type of game I've played. It was ok. It is a nice time waster and something to play between other games for short periods.
There really isn't much variety between the levels. The storyline could have been much better as it was pretty much about nothing. The narrator sounds cool the brief times you hear him. The powerups in the game are pretty good and add a little variety to the gameplay. I did not like how you can click on the edge of the screen and it pauses the game. Several times I paused this game this way on accident. This game is just ok, but I'm glad I played it to see what it was about.
Posted June 4.
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18.7 hrs on record
This game is pretty good. You can easily see how its inspired by Ghosts 'n Goblin type of games. The art style is really cool looking, especially the level backgrounds. The characters are all low-poly pixel art but they blend in quite well with the level backgrounds. The metal soundtrack is good and very fitting for the main character and the game itself. This game is more focused on fighting over platforming which is what I prefer. This game is challenging but I don't think its quite as "bone crushing difficult" as I read in some written reviews or youtube reviews. If you go for the boss achievements it can add some length to the game as well as give you more of challenge. I read the previous version suffered from a ton of bugs, but that seems to be all cleaned up because I did not have any bugs for my entire playthrough.
The controls feel very responsive and fair. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this game.
Posted May 19. Last edited June 12.
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