eX.^ Coldster
Ontario, Canada
Like a star in the daylight and a diamond at night.

“I want to calm the storm, but the war is in your eyes.
How can I shield you from the horror and the lies?
When all that once held meaning is broken, shattered, bleeding
And the whispers in the darkness tell me we won’t survive?”

eX.^ Coldster: is it pronounced yo-sh or yaw-sh?
yosh: I have a bind for this
yosh: le toucan has arrived

Avast: my brain has more ridges than the grand canyon

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shoutout to Burd, Rose, Elektro, and Beat. :3
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Competitive TF2 History

UGC Silver S13 - Peanut Butter Tuesday (7-3) - Demoman [all-star]
UGC Gold S14 - Demoman for roll with it (3-1) (disbanded), multi-class backup for Dedoris
UGC Silver S15 - Medic for The Legend of Juan Deag (quit after 2-0), Demoman for pafb
UGC Platinum S16 - Multi-class backup for Silver Savages
UGC Platinum S17 - Medic for sheen and the ultra lords (6-2)
UGC Platinum S18 - Medic for mtn (rip), Medic for '92
UGC Platinum S19 - Demoman for Burt Macklin (rip), Backup for EVL
UGC Platinum S20 - Medic for Fast Forward (4-5)
UGC Platinum S21 - Medic for Memento Mori (2nd)


CEVO Open S4 - Demoman for The Wild Party (6-10)
UGC Silver S15 - Medic/Scout/Demoman for The Sonic Adventures (6-4)
UGC Silver S16 - Demoman for garlic bread enthusiasts (6-4)
ESEA Open S18 - Demoman for Red Hot Digi Peppers (removed)
UGC Platinum S22 - Medic for Pretty Little Gangsters (8-4)
UGC Platinum S23 - Medic for Grandmasters


UGC Silver S1 - Medic/Demoman for Nudist Beach (6-3)
UGC Gold S2, S3, S4, S5 - Medic/Demoman for Nudist Beach (3-4), (6-4), (5-5), (7-5, 3rd place)

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░░░░▐░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▐ LE CUP HAS ARRIVED
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Dil :3 Do :3
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Cold :3 Ster :3
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