▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 Commanding Millitary Forces in The   United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Gentleman, Businessman, Leader, Egalitarian, Pragmatist, Optamist

Strong and Stable (Unlike another 'leader'...)

Things you need to do well in life

-A deep voice
-A loud voice
-Natural authority
-A healthy dose of sabaton
-A bullshit detector
-Single malt scotch whiskey (preferably from the Islay islands but others will do)

Leading Men for 4 Years
---Talk to me about organisation I'm your guy---

---Need some experience on a new server? Hit me up---

---Will accept approaches about commanding/training---

--- Proud to be British ---

--- Squeakers Forbidden to Enter Here ---

---Don't bullshit me around---

---Message me if you friend me---


GMOD Staff History

-Synergy Servers (Senior Admin)
-Werwolf Gaming (Admin + Mentor)
-Imperium Gaming (Admin)
-Political Republic (Developer)
-Definitive Networks (Admin)
-Imperium Gaming - Revamp (Admin)
-Definitive Networks - Revamp (Deputy Server Manager)
-Noble Networks (Admin)

Mount and Blade - Warband Regimental History

-9th Perthshire Regiment (Corporal)
-3rd Scotts Kings Household Division (Corporal)
-116th Pennsylvania Infantry (Lieutenant Colonel)
-53rd NC (Sergeant)
-5th/7th/12th KGL (Corporal)
-Welsh Guards (Regimental Sergeant Major)
- 24th Regiment of Foot (Captain)
-1st Rhodesian Light Infantry (Colonel)
-63rd West Suffolk Regiment of Foot (Captain)
-44th East Suffolk Regiment of Foot (Captain)
-7e Regiment of Foot (Captain)
-42nd Regiment of Foot 'The Black Watch' (Captain)
-17e Regiment d'Infanterie (SoD)
-58th Rutlandshire Division (Corporal)
-24th Regiment of Foot (Colour Sergeant)
-42nd Regiment of Foot 'The Black Watch' (Colour Sergeant)
-1st Weekend Warriors Division (Captain)
-88th Regiment of Foot "The Devil's Own" (Colonel)

Inspirational Quotes

[44th]Ragnarsvin: Disapproving glare
[7e Garde] Smooth Criminal: Sexual glare
[44th]Ragnarsvin: *LICKS LIPS*
[7e Garde] Smooth Criminal: *Grabs arse*
[7e]Ragnarsvin: RAPE!
[7e Garde] Smooth Criminal: But you want it...
[7e]Ragnarsvin: Fuck list level -4
[7e Garde] Smooth Criminal: just cos youve had me before
[7e]Ragnarsvin: Tainted Goods
[7e Garde] Smooth Criminal: Sometimes the sinful ones are the best

Magnus Kohnstamm: *Sweeps the floor*
Magnus Kohnstamm: Broomswik
[24th] Smooth Criminal: jesus fucking christ

Current Military Commisions

Regimental Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Rank 1) of the 77th Infantry Division (Imperium Gaming WW2 - Gmod)

Lieutenant of the British Commandos Regiment, derived from the 77th Infantry Division (Imperium Gaming WW2 - Gmod)

Colonel of the 42nd East Lancashire Regiment (Noble Networks WW1 - Gmod)

Manegerial Positions

Deputy Director of Black Thistle International (Fearless RP)

NSDAP - Reichs Direktor of Justice (Warewolf Gaming 1943 RP)

NSDAP - Reichs Direktor of Propaganda - CURRENT - (Warewolf Gaming 1943 RP)

Hauptsturmfuhrer of the 36th Waffen SS Division (Warewolf Gaming 1943 RP - Gmod)

Old Imperium Gaming Ranks (It was good while it lasted)

Oberleutnant of the 183rd Volks Grenediers (Imperium WW2 - Gmod)
Oberst of the 19th Luftwaffe Division (Imperium WW2 - Gmod)
Colonel of the 8th Lincolnshire Regiment (Imperium WW1 - Gmod)

Old Definitive Gaming Ranks

Generaloberst of the 3rd Infantry Division (Difinitive Gaming WW1 - Gmod)

Lieutenant General of the 88th Lancashire Rifles (Definitive WW2 - Gmod)

Revived Imperium Gaming Ranks

Haputsturmmfuhrer of the 17th Waffen SS Division (Imperium WW2 - Gmod)

Dedication to the 9th SS Hohenstaufen Division

My first military commanding role which lasted for near enough a year and a half. We experienced many crises and changes of personel but in the end I could have not asked to fight alongside a better band of men. I have many a fond memory of my time serving with them (including the floating water base, Shaneequa's propaganda movies and even the old PD HQ which people either loved or hated). This introduced me to formal military leadership and not only did I make many friends during the time, I also learnt a huge amount about leadership and organisation. For me personally it is very difficult to learn these things without being exposed to them first hand. After its demise, I promptly worked my way up the Imperium gaming ranks on their WW1/WW2 servers, helped by the knowlage I had gathered whilst at the 9th. You were a solid group of lads and I wish you well in everything you do.

-Brunswik Konig

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