Riku Ryynänen   Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland
“The problem with internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their accuracy.”

— Abraham Lincoln, 1864
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Not your average Val!
Ahoy there you random human being! I'm 22 and name's Riku, but you can call me Val if you like! I'll be using this so called 'invisible mode' aka ninja mode a lot as I'm not the chattiest person in the world so note that conversations with me can be awkward, PM at your own risk! :hmm:

My gaming habits tend to change from time to time but at the moment I'm very much into singleplayer and cooperative games, favourite genres being action and horror. I used to play some competitive games but no longer doing that really as they are a bit too time consuming for me at the moment.

Friend invites are welcome as I'm always up for meeting new and awesome people! Though currently my friends list is 'shorteeeh' to say the least but that's because I took a break from Steam for two years or so. Therefore I didn't want to clog-up others' lists due to my unactivity and cleaned mine almost entirely.

And yes, I'm weirdly addicted to equestria girls songs, almost to the point of it being sad. The kids I work with are the ones to blame. YEAH I'M NOT THE ONE, THEY ARE DEFINITELY. Definitely... :rfacepalm:

That said, see you around the awesome community of Steam, and game on! :csdsmile:

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Dahl 🎀 Jul 7 @ 7:41am 
:hello: stranger. Hope things are looking up since our last msg :blooming:
VAL Jul 6 @ 12:39am 
@Dukhat Woopies looks like somebody just got me caught! Aight officer I'll confess! Of all the users on Steam decided to take yer line as it was the most unique of 'em all and definitely not used by anyone ever! :cutefox: Don't really have stealing habits other than stealing and eating all of my workmates' candies :hmm: Nice to meet you! :)
👌 Dukhat Jul 6 @ 12:11am 
"Just your average friendly guy" Lol, stole my line! Or.. I stole your line, lol.
My bio on every website (except Steam) is precisely "Just your average friendly Dutch guy".
§ є ǫ u є ᴋ ʜ a ɴ Jul 5 @ 8:29pm 
it was nothing to do with you, I deleted everyone. I was just super depressed. Sort of still am.
Kemo Jul 5 @ 12:59pm 
Hi Val, nice to see you around steam again. I did something similar to what you talk about in your bio and took a break from steam for quite a few months last year and significantly shortened my friendslist then as well, but I've been back gaming quite a bit lately! Hope you're doing well! :sbhappy:
SLEPNØ Jun 30 @ 12:30pm 
Still waiting for my traditional summer sale gift dude. You're like three days late already :etgmarine: