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Primary Monitor: Samsung 27" LC27JG52QQNXZA (1440p 144hz)
Secondary Monitor: AOC 24" G2460PF (1080p 144hz)
Mouse: Glorious Model O Wireless
Keyboard: KBD67 Lite R2 (Transparent Black) - Kailh Canarys with Krytox 205g0 & 106 - Kuro Shiro
Microphone: Fifine Mic on a boom arm.
Headset: Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless

VR Gear:
Oculus Rift CV1
Oculus Touch Controllers
Two Constellation Sensors
I don't use the built-in headphones as they fit poorly, I use my headset instead.

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Brief Overview

Factorio is exactly what it sounds like, building massive automated factories with the intention of protecting yourself from bugs that hate your guts for polluting and trying to leave the planet in the meantime.

Quick Summary of my involvement
I've followed this game for since 2014, when I got a promotional code to play the game's alpha on it's site.
I've seen this game grow, change and just amaze me with how it can make such an advanced task seem so simple.
The developers are active and very transparent with their work, they showcased what they were adding, concepts to fix problems in the game and just blogs on how progress is going every friday for years.

Pick this up if you like :
Active Developers
Unique Art Style
Building Factories
Squashing Bugs
Researching Technology
Adventuring, Building and Killing anything by yourself or with friends.

Don't pick this up if :
You are expecting a shooter
Hate really good games.

My Opinion
Pick this up for yourself and a couple close friends, load into newly generated map together and experience the game for yourself.
Still not sure? You can play the demo on Steam and try it for yourself if you are unsure about putting your money down on this game!
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Created by - 2pac serbia, hollow, and #MN16 MARK NOBLE
A brief yet comprehensive guide on how to survive the toxicity of Ranked Play by becoming the very thing you hate

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