If you dab on the haters and the haters dab back
it creates a singularity from which no dab can escape?

360 noscope ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The color red
Non-diet soda
'Pub Scrubs'
Any pay2win game ever
(These two also apply to anyone with a steam level higher than 15)
Squeaker Admins
Scam TF2 Raffle Groups that people keep trying to invite me to.
Overused FNAF memes
Game Glitches :steamfacepalm:

I am most often playing:
Left4Dead dead-memes
No More Room in Hell
Kerbal Space Program
Counter Strike Source (The one with less memes)
Garry's Mod :physgun: Woot Woot! :physgun:
From the Depths Physics can't physics
Team Fortress 2 Two words, gun mettle...
Space Engineers (When playable)
Trackmania 2

or working on HL2 maps or Gmod posters.

for demonstating outstanding stupidity in the line of duty.

:jarate: - Jax ツ
:jarate: - Ecuadorian_Rey (Mediocre ddoser)
:jarate: - jay3onw (Just an awful L4d2 player)
:jarate: - The Metal
:jarate: - RXn
:jarate: - ☢☠ghostriderdigger☠☢
:jarate: - LivingItHard
:jarate: - ✪D0DG3R ♏ (You already know)
:jarate: - Winnington117
:jarate: - ThePsychoGamerYouTube
:jarate: - Nolobi
:jarate: - Alleccia Rosewater
:jarate: - ๖ۜNšĢ Tehmedic
:jarate: - il B.O.O.B.S li
:jarate: - Gekkibi
:jarate: - FallenDarkness309 (Generic Steam Minge)
:jarate: - ☣☠eG|Rory☠☣ (Just a godawful L4d2 player)
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Videogames Apr 28 @ 4:39pm 
I thought that ghostriderdigger was the biggest edgelord faaggot on steam.

Rollin_Dic Apr 27 @ 11:27pm 
Hey man i see your builds all over the workshop keep up the good work!
Savage Cock Apr 18 @ 9:44am 
thanks man keep up the good work its amazing!
Videogames Apr 18 @ 9:36am 
- They are made using the default wheels under the 'air' tab and have 'hologram projectors' under the 'decoration' tab for the custom track textures. You can take it apart and figure it out that way also if that didin't make sense.
Savage Cock Apr 18 @ 9:33am 
hey i love all your work its awesome but please tell me how the french toaster strudel did you get tracks on your cheetah tank??? please i have to know like soon
Videogames Feb 18 @ 1:02pm 
Game Theory:
Secretly is the competition to ReallyRadDude?