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Poker 11 ago, ore 14:15 
this dude also called me broke when I have 7 austrailum in my backpack It's so sad that you got dom almost three times in a row and the only time you killed me last round was one assist kill and the soilder did more damage you're so bad at tf2 your whole team kick you off bc you suck ass at the game stay mad
Poker 11 ago, ore 14:07 
-rep dom them two times in a row so bad at tf2 I thought valve match making was so bad that I thought they were putting me up against 6 year old but no hes that bad like he look's like a drunk when play pyro shaking your mouse will not make you better
Alexander the baller 10 ago, ore 18:57 
Hey man. I see you've been at this stuff for while. I understand if you want to just ignore this message, but all I want to understand is; why? Why use so much of your free time just berating people for being people? Hope this inquiry reaches you well.
Grandpa Sniffles 10 ago, ore 18:26 
edgy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ B)
gren watr 10 ago, ore 1:53 
-rep + L + ratio + vac ban on record + cringe in public chat
Leonel.Vicente 10 ago, ore 1:52 
Cringe tf2 player