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Damiqqq Sep 8 @ 2:54am 
I think this is the main misunderstanding here and ye dude keep these comments here I don't care cuz I know im not talking any smack here. But I don't know what idea is like ppl gonna be Ohhhh wait before I trade with Damiqqq I need to check Coagulant's profile to see if he is legit. Like how many ppl ate gonna do that dude legit zero and the chances of us trading with a same guy that could see this comment on your profile before he met me are also very slim. So I think we can leave it here for ppl to decide I'm completely fine with it. Just a last tip for you before you call someone for being scammer, unfair, dishonest check the price value of the trade. I offered less cards but 1 was 0.25 and the other 0.15 euro and the most valuable I wanted from you was 0.08 so obviously I asked for more cards to balance the value of the trade a bit.
Damiqqq Sep 8 @ 2:53am 
I don't know what's your problem rly is. You are saying my trade is unfair and my statement are dishonest and that's just your point of views. You see it that way ok fine but it's not my fault you are not the smartest one. Maybe I wrote it a little wrong earlier, so let me clarify. How unfair is my trade when it was half more expensive as your trade for example your was 1 euro mine was 1,5 +- I don't remember exactly how much it was worth so don't take this like a done number. I do not trade item for item but price for price. For example, Doom Eternal foil for Raft Foil is also not fair, but according to your philosophy it is 1:1 and that is fair even if one side of the trade costs 0.6 and the other 0.15 euro.
Coagulant-13 Sep 7 @ 2:10pm 
This has nothing to do with ego, it is about your dishonesty and trying to get away with it. Your statements here are completely dishonest but I won't take them down so that others can decide for themselves. Please show the screenshot of the trade, because I know exactly what it said. You offered a bad faith trade, and I have never done this nor accepted them. I've seen people like you on here before and they don't like being pointed out for their dishonesty either. You are just another person trying to help yourself by hurting others.
Nugz Sep 7 @ 12:43pm 
Damiqqq Sep 7 @ 7:53am 
So first of all I know I can check the games that you have but I never done that with anyone and I never will. Its uselles noone ever had any problem with that kinda of an offer. They just simple wrote back and we had a chat about it or deny it quietly. As I see you need to chase your ego over it for some reason I dont understand and think ur better. And second I do have a screen of the trade offer and what was written in it. And you calling me a scammer of noobs is extreme. And for last I did delete the comment cuz its untrue and wrong. But I think this conversation will continue till you will satisfy your ego over the Internet for literally no reason and im fine with that its actually fun talking to clowns that want to sound like a moral compas. But for me we can just move on.
Coagulant-13 Sep 7 @ 6:46am 
He has now deleted my comment of "-rep" on his profile, proving his dishonesty. I refuse to delete these comments on my profile because I know I am being honest, and to show others not to trust him.