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What is that on the right?
Yes, I cheated in Black Ops 3. I used an external crosshair, tried to make it seem like I am completely innocent, I totally deserve my ban. Sure, there are people who used aimbots, wallhacks, triggerbots and still weren't banned, but this doesn't change the fact that I cheated. With that being said, it would be really nice if you didn't votekick me out of CS:GO competitive matches. I cheated, but now I don't, please understand.

Not everything I wrote here is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ though. All the Activision Support chat logs are real. There is a part where I post video evidence of a real cheater, and that is real, which is why I didn't put it through strikethrough text.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I will go over what really happened.
One day, I thought it would be cool if I practiced noscoping on bots. I installed some free external crosshair I found on GitHub.

Quick note here: even though you're playing with bots, it's still going through Activision/Treyarch's servers. That means that I can't even play bot matches anymore.

It worked. I played some bot matches. The external crosshair didn't make me any better at the game, but I had fun. I didn't get instantly banned, hell, I got banned only after an entire month, which is why I also played a few actual Team Deathmatch matches. Of course, it's not like an external crosshair suddenly made me a god at the game. My KD was still negative, but I had fun doing noscopes.

As I said, I only got banned after a month, and a day after getting banned, I got a message on my profile, saying that I was banned by some report bot website, which led me to believe that someone bought a bot to get me banned. I don't know if this was the case, but this doesn't change the fact that I cheated, and I was rightfully banned.

And now, for the original text. The one where I tried to make myself seem like I was innocent. Get ready, and have fun. Select the text to make it easier to read.

You may be asking what that ban right there is for. Normally, you'd think "lol cheater get rekt lmao", but trust me when I say this, i legitimately do not know myself. The ban is from Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and was most likely caused by a report bot, as you can see in my profile's comment section.

So here's the story. One day I log onto Black Ops 3, finally reach level 55 and stop. A full month later, I get an Account Alert, saying that I am permamently banned from Black Ops 3. This was weird to me, considering I never cheated. I know this is hard to believe, but how could someone with negative K/D be a cheater? I was seriously bad at the game. If you own Black Ops 3, feel free to add me to your Friends List, and see my stats for yourself (assuming they weren't reset).

I contacted Activision for 2 days straight, demanding the ban reason. They kept linking me their Security and Enforcement Policy or whatever, which I've read countless times, and still could not find what could fit my situation. The only other thing in their policy that could get you banned after the first offense beside hacking was piracy, which was not the case, considering I have the game on Steam and activated it using a key from a physical release. I can even show you the receipt from the store where i got the game from, just DM me.

And that's when one Support Agent responded.

Activision does not know the reason of my ban, and they even went as far as to tell me to contact Steam Support, [] and we all know how wonderful Steam Support is. Obviously I tried that, but the only thing i got out of Steam Support, were automated messages like "please report the report bot site" and "use the report user feature".

UPDATE 2019/07/24: Steam Support responded, and said that they can't remove the ban, because it was done by Activision. And because Activision is basically a brick wall, I'm completely sht out of luck.

What's even worse, is that after i got banned on Black Ops 3, i installed Ghosts. And the first thing i saw in my first multiplayer match, was a blatant cheater, who was shooting the enemy team through walls and would instantly lock onto enemies, as I saw on his final killcam. I had Shadowplay on, so I recorded some of the things he was doing, as well as his final killcam, which was undeniable evidence of cheating. [] I posted this to reddit at r/CallOfDuty, where it got 400 upvotes, but i also sent this to Activision Support.

And here's where it gets interesting

They thanked me for the footage, saying how invaluable it was and all that, and that Support can't do anything, and they will forward this to the Studio, who actually do the bans. The thing is, they haven't done crap. I bookmarked the guy's profile to my Firefox, and checked it every day to see if he got banned. And, surprise surprise, he is still (as of 2019/09/23) not banned. It's been 77 days already.

That's right, even though i provided very good video evidence, which also contains him saying the N word (the same word that a certain Swedish YouTuber has said during a PUBG stream) multiple times over text chat (so even if they somehow don't think he was hacking, they would still ban him for that), he is still allowed to play.

TL;DR Activision bans me from Black Ops 3, does not tell me the reason, but lets a real cheater slip by.

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