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I've tagged Fallout 3 as one of my top games in my Steam account. I've actually put way more hours into it than my Steam account shows (see note below), and it's one of my favourite games of all time.

I love the post apocalyptic setting - this game really pulls it off. But unlike some of the other Bethesda games such as Skyrim (which I also love!) this one has a really engaging landscape. There is stuff to check out everywhere! I get so sidetracked when doing quests because there's always something that catches my eye and I think "oooh what's that?" and I go check it out. There's so much to do!

In the most part the quests are really good, but I admit I was getting a little bit annoyed near the beginning of the main quest with the constant "looking for Dad".

One thing that is great about FO3 is the very satisfying weapons. Some shooters can be a little weak, and RPGs are usually weaker still with the FPS elements but I found FO3 to be very solid. Yeah the AI is not brilliant but the weapons themselves feel very good. I particularly love taking somebody's head off from half a mile away with a sniper rifle :-)

Also, you can't really talk about a Bethesda game without discussing mods! I'm a big modding fan and I never play these games vanilla for very long. I used FWE, MMM & EVE along with several mods that added new perks and a mod that allowed you to level up more slowly but get several perks per level which I really liked.

Overall, it's a fantastic game and I'm really looking forward to playing New Vegas and then Fallout 4! (Yep, I'm seriously behind on my gaming!)

Windows 7 Users Please Note:

When I first started playing the game it was around 2011 and I ran it on an Alienware Windows XP machine and it ran very well. Then I stopped playing for a few years and came back to the game later after I had moved into a Windows 7 machine.

It crashed constantly, and when I saw constantly, I really mean it! After literally weeks of trying to get it to play properly on my 64 bit Win7 machine, trying every fix out there I gave up. However, I managed to get a pirated version of the game to work (doh!)

So whilst I absolutely recommend the game to anyone who loves shooters, RPGs or post apocalyptic games, if you have a Windows 7 machine, don't get the Steam version. Try and find an old disc based copy instead.

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