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ioanliviud Jun 7 @ 6:24am 
Hallo Clus. Ich mag die Straßenmodelle, die die Straßenbahnlinie enthalten, sehr, aber ich würde gerne noch mehr Modelle solcher Straßen in anderen Kombinationen sehen. Zum Beispiel in Wien (Österreich) oder Oradea (Rumänien) haben wir die ganze Straßenkombination mit der Straßenbahnlinie auf einer Straßenseite mit zwei Richtungen. Wäre es möglich, sie in naher Zukunft zu erstellen? Ich habe versucht, sie zu machen, aber ich weiß nicht wie. Vielen Dank
ioanliviud Jun 7 @ 4:37am 
I really like the road models that include the tram line, but I would like to see some more models of such roads in other combinations. For example in Vienna (Austria) or Oradea (Romania) we have the whole combination of roads with the tram line on one side of the road with two directions. Would it be possible to create them in the near future? I tried to make them but I don't know how. Thanks a lot
rhector1973 May 30 @ 10:26pm 
Thank you for all the great models and roads you made! This is inspiring me to make my own assets!
MeatySteak May 21 @ 12:45am 
Heyo, just wondering if you would consider making a decal with the concrete texture you used for the concrete roads? So I can fill in the gaps in road nodes. Thanks!
J/S2046 Apr 13 @ 1:19pm 
hi, i was watching two dollars twenty. and he was doing his highways and said you did a tunnel assets. i cant find it. maybe i missed. where or what would i look under? thks. :steamhappy:
Yorkie Pudd Mar 25 @ 3:34am 
I messaged you a couple of days back regarding the guided busway. No rush in replying, I know Steam doesn't always notify when people get a message, so I just wanted to let you know incase Steam didn't