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Hey, Im a Graphic designer at IDCGames.com hit me up if you need any work
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Xhainz Graphic design
Hey guys , My Name is Xhainz and im from Portugal


My Graphic Designer career

Hi everyone It's been 3 years since i have been designing, 2013 i got intrested in photoshop and video editing, and i started studying Graphic design, i took almost 4 months to make my first ever work wich was a avatar for a friend, and i got really happy about it and started to take it as an hobby and more seriously, after some months i saw some crazy artworks on steam that people did, and i got really fascinated about it and started to sell some artworks, eventualy after 5 months i got bored of the same stuff everyday, and i started to make logos, i took almost a year to learn the advanced stuff about designing logos, i had a friend who played crossfire EU professionaly and he asked me if i could design his new team logo, soo i did, and he enjoyed it, after that i knew i had some potential on me, and that i could make some money out of what i like, and out of what i do, after that i got messaged up by one of the Admins of IDCGames and he payed me to design theyre logo, i got paid alot of money, and i got really happy about it, i started designing for Zula Europe professional teams, and now im currently designing for https://en.idcgames.com/

Oficial Designer of Black Dragons Team
Oficial Designer of Izako Boars Team
Oficial Designer of Team One
Oficial Designer of NETopery Team
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Xhainz3012 - designer Oct 12 @ 3:10pm 
Hello everyone, recently a scammer named Aiden | Designer has been riping off people's money and also difamating other popular graphic designer, be aware and report his profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198137600876
Jeffren [PROFILE DESIGNER] Sep 27 @ 11:10am 
stuning designs, clean, fast and smooth
endo Sep 26 @ 3:27pm 
Best GFX Artist on Steam Period Fast Service Great Pricing
Guedes Sep 26 @ 3:25pm 
+rep, godlike design skills 10/10 would recommend
SUCO DE FRUTA Sep 26 @ 3:18pm 
This man is a legend and he makes some of the best artwork. He is worth the your time and I can't thank him enough.
ZienK Sep 26 @ 3:15pm 
Amazing designer, skilled and quick, abso
lute no delay and very friendly