It's been a loong calm day.
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Candle : ygg stop abusing ♥♥♥♥ class

Ygg: i thought we were friends, candle?
Candle: friends don't force uber.

quintosh : ygg hör bitte wieder auf mit tf2 kthxbai

Ygg * GAMING SOCKS killed bk. AMS with degreaser.
*DEAD* bk. AMS : i dont like the pyro class
*DEAD* Ygg * GAMING SOCKS : me neither
*DEAD* bk. AMS : who invented such an evil thing :<
Ygg * GAMING SOCKS : mentor me as solly, and i'll never play pyro again
bk. AMS : ask zebbo hes always up for going through some demos
Ygg * GAMING SOCKS killed bk. AMS with deflect_rocket. (crit)
*DEAD* bk. AMS : i can reconsider the offer

*DEAD* Ascendary : aids class

kartfol : this class is ass

Koelkastmagneet : ygg
Koelkastmagneet : i love you
Donut is grumpy : how can you not love ygg
grump : when he's not on your team

slimey : wrong team ygg
slimey : WRONG. TEAM.
Ygg // mix/merc : no
Player Ygg // mix/merc joined team RED
Ygg // mix/merc was moved to the other team for game balance
*DEAD* Ygg // mix/merc : ♥♥♥♥

23:43 - DRAGONS mirelin: where's mah money
23:44 - DRAGONS mirelin: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

12:38 - i need an adult: IM AN ADULT

BoneSponge: ygg, can you translate a german porno for me?

21:23 - BoneSponge: back off ygg is my bf
21:24 - eSports Personality of the Year: ♥♥♥♥ off he's mine

00:41:22 goldskies: ygg is good
00:41:31 Foxyfluff: That's what I said.
00:41:40 goldskies: hes etf2l admin
00:41:47 goldskies: haiku sucks and hes ugc admin
00:41:54 goldskies: ugc sucks and etf2l is good

Tuisto : dude ♥♥♥♥ you
Tuisto : you are a cheater

ice.gamer : ygg is a hacker
STATIC : definatly
STATIC : omg
ice.gamer : ygg is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hacker
STATIC : that was amazing

MartinT29 : ygg hacks to much?
Sir Pootis The Pan Wielder : Yeah the pyro is a hacker

Tyxan : airblast hack?
Space : oh god auto deflect scripts
Teip : Ygg, haxs confirmed
BlackIsBack [LoG] : mother of hoaming missile

20:26 - ♥♥♥♥: you should do what she did
20:26 - ♥♥♥♥: PlopYgg Esports
20:26 - Y.OU G.O G.IRL: gonna have a hard time inserting an egg into my genitalia
20:27 - ♥♥♥♥: do it

baum : i'd rather eat salad, than play heavy in comp

Beulletbaer : I hate the people who cant aim so they play pyro

Diu: ygg boy op
not gay but £5 is £5: 10/10 would bang
Diu: ^

Phantom : Did he marry a goat? - Ygg 2k14

764 : god i have to do schoolwork my cat is yelling at me and ♥♥♥♥

[P-roc] Lovely: the meta is to give up.

Sky!: i found out how to play pyro
Ygg: cool my job is done
Sky!: Stay alive airblast = win
Ygg: yee
Ygg: you got it

slimey: i cri
Ygg: i need you wet in your lower body not on your head
slimey: i will try to cry from my vagina then

Live for harakiri : ananın amına kolumu sokam orospu çocuğu adını da sikim ygg ne amk çocu göt sümbülü seni

17:12 - Beagle: but then these stacks
17:13 - Beagle: i mean a deck of cards doesnt have enough spaces to bury all of these testicles

deakdani04 : theYügsprience hagyd már azt a hacket

b33p -st- : I used to be the best engineer and pyro in Europe

kKaltUu: (League Admin) - Fe | said:
PM me if you find any problems, I’ve been drinking heavily since I’ve found out loveclop really played a match in prem

ash : mind using the current whitelist?
Horppi : is it so importatnt? :D
koko : yes it is
ash : we wanna play perma pyro on a not-lagging server

23:05 - Ygg | ETF2L.org : humped
23:05 - Ygg | ETF2L.org : *bumped
23:05 - Skyro: that
23:05 - Skyro: was quite the typo

(NIX)-SKILL 16 Oct @ 6:44pm - ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ kid must use cheats bot

PantherNoir 23 Sep @ 5:09pm - you have a cheater and your account will close looser
PantherNoir 23 Sep @ 4:59pm - hacker dirty bomb noob looser suka

Fri Apr 25 2014
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I feel that I paid, it will become even better thanks to the awareness that you are doing something for others and not for themselves. So we should use the talent for the other person. Let me use your work on the avatar, as I say, I feel that I paid, so let me. I'm terribly sorry if it offend you . Now , unfortunately, I feel bad about it , I can not afford to conscience killed me , so awfully sorry , but I will be forced to remove you from your friends and lock . This is only my fault, I do not have the courage to talk to you now no words. Once again hot sorry, hold on, or is still such a great graphic designer, is different from the heart!


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Great db player
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Added for 3D models
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lol, if you think you are significant enough to be noticed - go ahead.
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