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Deleting the mp4 video files doesn't help, they probably are embedded somewhere in the assets files.
Sadly it seems that, despite the obvious console feel, this game doesn't support gamepad controls. It doesn't even recognize controller input when remapping controls.
Jul 20 @ 11:10pm
In topic Blitzkrieg won't launch in Win-7
Seriouisly, what gameux.dll, what game explorer, what shady batch files...? Simply set the compat level on the game binary and it works fine on win7 without any other fiddling.
Jul 11 @ 2:48am
In topic Aiming
Ah, too bad :-(
Jul 11 @ 12:34am
In topic Aiming
Is the aiming in this game done using the 2nd stick (like ARES Extinction Agenda), or is it tied to the movement stick (like Contra)? It's hard to say based on the videos.
Jul 9 @ 11:09pm
In topic Gamepad?
A flamewar about touchscreen controls in a thread about gamepads... w00t?
Jul 8 @ 1:23pm
In topic Gamepad?
I'm also hoping for gamepad support. It's just so much more comfortable to sit back with a gamepad in hand, than to slouch over the keyboard, plus the wrists don't hurt.
Jul 2 @ 4:01am
In topic Blitzkrieg won't launch in Win-7
You probably need this: (32bit version)
Jun 25 @ 11:50pm
In topic Blitzkrieg won't launch in Win-7
I had the same issue, the game just starts a rundll32 process which takes a whole cpu core and nothing else happens.

Fixed it by setting compatibility mode on game.exe in the game directory to win98, then it runs fine. Though I found the game mouse cursor to be slightly lagging, but this is easily fixed by using a system cursor in the game options menu. It's black&white but it's fully responsive.

This needs to be done separately for Burning Horizon and Rolling Thunder, cause they have separate game files and don't seem to share anything with the base game.
What? How can you not have a tool to handle zip files in 2019? Windows even supports them natively, simply open them like a directory/folder and drag files in/out.
May 22 @ 11:37am
In topic Gamepad / Controller support
Is there a way to play this game using a gamepad like Cities Skylines on a console?
I tried all these fixes, but only switching to software rendering helps (I have Intel HD3000 :-( ).The game doesn't look that much differen't though, just remember to set all in-game graphics settings to high.
My issue here is with the hateful narrator, not with breaking the statues themselves.
Mar 22 @ 2:20am
In topic Resetting progress
Hmm... I recently reinstalled the game and after putting inside my backup od css0.dat my scenario progress was not restored. I'll backup sc.idx this time around also and see.
Mar 19 @ 1:47pm
In topic WHy do people hate this game so much?
I recently finished this game on PS3 and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Of course the humour is cheesy and over the top, but that's what I came to this game, right? ;-) The gameplay is perfectly fine, with a lot of different mechanics, various vehicles, mounted guns, shrinking, etc. And the controls were very good on the console...

And I think that it pretty much the main reason for bad press DNF got - it's a console fps and it plays on a console very nicely. Slow paced, a few weapons/items to manage, rather linear levels, autoaim, health regen, all that stuff, which is totally not like Duke3d.
Already there - several times each year I give donations to Greenpeace and WWF (and other less known NGOs). I don't like to brag about this, but since you mention it...

Anyway, I don't have anything else to say in this topic. Initially I was hoping this message would reach the devs, but none of them reacted.
Though it would be pretty funny if in a potential expansion you shoot dog statues and it turns out the narrator hates dogs, as he recently got a cat and now loves them :P

That would be a twist indeed ;-)
Well the statues as collectibles would be more or less fine, but the narrator comments are what triggers me. I'm a cat lover, and in todays age, with cats all over the internet, surely there are more people like me.

As for the setting, I know it's pulp, and it's one of my favorite settings. That however doesn't stop me from disliking all the racism, sexism and other intolerant behavior that is associated with this particular historical fiction.

Modern pulp-style stories however are another thing, and should adhere to modern standards. The game here partially does this, by adding two female characters (where in historical pulp stories, the ladies would only be there for rescuing and gazing at the male heroes muscles).

The bottom line is, the narrator hates cats, so I hate the narrator. (A real pity, cause I liked the style of the story.)
I just played this on Xbox (using Game Pass) and I deleted the game after shooting the 2nd cat figurine. The narrator is just disgusting with the hate comments about cats.

Shame on you game devs! "It's very easy to hurt a cat, but there's no honour in this." to quote a classic.
Jan 19 @ 11:58am
In topic Agamemnons revenge backgounds
I think I found a bug, at least in the first 2 boards of Agamemnons Revenge the background image is not visible when set to half-bright mode. In textured it's ok, though. Other packs work fine.
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