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In topic Sooooo, Steam stole my account
Originally posted by Gematria:
I bolded the cute part that you must hear a lot, from everyone, everywhere. I might have edited my post or even apologized for calling you a liar, after you admitted to typoing UTC instead of Unix time, but you're a troll so have a trolly-pop instead!

Do you have any particular reason for having a hard-on for me?
You obviously now about time keeping. But you also obviously don't know how the ♥♥♥♥ the code generation works. Sorry for calling you out on this.
18 hours ago
In topic Sooooo, Steam stole my account
Originally posted by Gematria:
"UTC" is just "GMT." It's the time of day at the prime meridian on the real, actual earth. It's a timezone. It's not technical or digital or controlled by the decay of radioactive isotopes.
When you're not connected to the internet (and/or not configured to use NTP services in the first place) your computer will lose milliseconds per hour. Period. Reality. Quit lying to people. Thanks!

Yeah, sorry. But you rambling on about GMT an UTC cause me to mistype. I of course menat unix time. I have corrected it now.
Anyway, I'd appreciate if you don't tell me what I know or call me lying. It's nice that you read about NTP services yesterday, however, that has nothing to do with 2FA.

BTW: synchronizing with an NTP server doesn't automatically mean two systems will have the exact same time. It is used to minimize offset, that's all. How it works is you'll receive several timestamps to determine the communication delay and take more or less the average of the offset to reset the system time.

Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:

For us to get a 15 second deviation we need to be off by 1 ms/hr (In the same direction) for 625 days, or off by 625 ms/hr (over half a second every hour) for a day, or some other multiplicative combination (e.g. off 25 ms/hr in the same direction for 25 days straight).

Also the codes are still valid after the 15 second periods. Normally 30-60 seconds. As I said, the offset is compensated by design.
Also your phone doesn't completely desync if kept offline. Some of you might remember the time before smart phones and you only had to reset the time for Summer/Winter if even.
20 hours ago
In topic Sooooo, Steam stole my account
Originally posted by Gematria:
Just on the first sentence: They don't really need to be in the same timezone. All timezones are just an offset from GMT or UTC. They really just need to work with the same timestamp data, but it has to be exactly the same data - that is 64 bits must be identical on both ends. So you can turn any time value into UTC if you know the timezone that value was generated for, as long as both ends are synchronized as far as system time goes.

On the second sentence: This was the point of what I was responding to. It's why I quoted a post before writing my remarks. Someone said "the phone could be completely cut off from the internet and it would still work" and that just isn't realistic or true where computers of differing speeds are working with timestamps. As you say, any given system tends to synchronize with an NTP server frequently enough to prevent time drift in the first place. You absolutely need internet for that.

Again: no.
Codes are generated in intervalls, are a bit in the future and are valid for a certain timespan. unix time uses milliseconds. The diference between two machines won't exceed seconds in years. So the delay and validity more than compensates for this.
There is absolutely no communication or synchronization needed between device and server and there are devices which are not even capable of connecting to the internet.

There are three reasons why a verification can fail:
- you are too quick with your input (can happen for automated processes unlikely for human users)
- you are too slow with your input
- your device is not registererd to this account (or vice versa)
Sep 18 @ 2:34am
In topic (Press Any Key)
Originally posted by Kargor:
Games don't have a demo mode, because they aren't arcade games. [...]

There are still many games that will play a movie (e.g. the intro) if left alone long enough. An fighting games often have AI fights.
Anyway, what I was talking about is having a playable game for conventions or stores. You want to display the title screen/wordmark instead of a menu or some non-descript in-game moment with "pause".
Sep 18 @ 2:30am
In topic Sooooo, Steam stole my account
Originally posted by Gematria:
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
FYI cell phone authentication codes are actually not sent to the phone, but generated independently on the phone, presumably according to a proprietary algorithm that's dependent on the user account, the device, and the current time, as far as I know. I think it still works even if the phone's connections to the outside world are severed completely.

They'd have to communicate somehow, otherwise you could just plug in any random value when Steam asks for a Guard Code.

Uhm, no.
There is a slight delay between the generation and the timecode used (if you are fast enough to input, your code is actually still invalid). Both use Unix time anyway. So yes, your device shouldn't be off too much, but there is no need to communicate between server and generation device. Standalone 2FAs are completely offline.
Sep 17 @ 5:18pm
In topic (Press Any Key)
Because it's still a requirement for consoles. Same as the "don't turn of you machine while this symbol is displayed".
Comes from the arcade times and is still so for demo purposes presumably, so you can see the title screen instead of a bland menu.
Sep 17 @ 2:47pm
In topic Proper alphabetical sorting! PLEASE!
Originally posted by ShamblerDK:
It's sorted like that in all file browsers in all operating systems. Why does Steam have to do it differently? It makes absolutely zero sense.

Title sorting is different from filename sorting.
The is ignored because it just creates another layer of alphabetical sorting with the alphabetical sorting and seeing multiple pages of "the xxx" isn a lot hard to process. Also it's bloody annoying for other languages where they have different articles for different genus. (and possible elipses for vowel like L')

As an English speaker you should also be well aware of the difficulties to sort "a(n) u..." which just creates confusion for non-English Speakers.

Lastly, games are not always called "The XXX". For example "The Saboteur" dropped the article in some localisations: (note the Original title in the infobox). Another example is The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls Legends, which commonly abbreviated as ESO and ESL respectively. Not to mention that the whole "The Elder Scrolls" part is often omitted completely for the main entries as is "Sid Meier's". And I dare to say that no one expects PES20 to be found under "E" as in its proper titles "eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020".
Did you click on the "Buy now" button?
It will show you the various editions available just like Steam does on the top of the page. It's actually another example of EGS's terrible design because this button and information is completely superflous.
Also, in listings and on the front page EGS doesn't even show a price at all but just "More Information" if there are multiple editions.
Originally posted by Swan`:
Aber generell zu dem Thema "personenbezogenen Daten": Die Betroffenen sind identifizierbar, wenn sie direkt oder indirekt, insbesondere mittels Zuordnung zu einer Kennung wie einem Namen, zu einer Kennnummer, zu Standortdaten, zu einer Online-Kennung oder zu einem oder mehreren besonderen Merkmalen identifiziert werden können, die Ausdruck der physischen, physiologischen, genetischen, psychischen, wirtschaftlichen, kulturellen oder sozialen Identität dieser natürlichen Personen sind.

Der volle Text:
„personenbezogene Daten“ alle Informationen, die sich auf eine identifizierte oder identifizierbare natürliche Person (betroffene Person) beziehen; als identifizierbar wird eine natürliche Person angesehen, die direkt oder indirekt, insbesondere mittels Zuordnung zu einer Kennung wie einem Namen, zu einer Kennnummer, zu Standortdaten, zu einer Online-Kennung oder zu einem oder mehreren besonderen Merkmalen, die Ausdruck der physischen, physiologischen, genetischen, psychischen, wirtschaftlichen, kulturellen oder sozialen Identität dieser Person sind, identifiziert werden kann;
BDGS §46 Abs. 1

Pro Fragebogen gibt nur eine Person die Daten ab, also sind Umfragen per Definition personenbezogen. Die Person ist durch den Fragebogen identifiziert. Ob ein direkter Bezug auf die Identität der Person existiert ist nebensächlich. In dem Fall spricht man im allgemeinen von personenbeziehbaren Daten.
Ernsthaft, das ist das Zeug, was man lernen sollte.

Das hat im Übrigen nichts "toxisch" zu tun und was andere Foren machen, ist deren Sache.
Originally posted by
You will not:
Use Steam in connection with surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise).

Fun Fact: es ist auch nicht erlaubt, sich einfach in die Stadt zu stellen und Leute zu fragen. Das ist genauso genehmigungspflichtig wie an jedem anderen Ort. Ebenfalls etwas, das man heute offenbar nicht mehr lernt.
Originally posted by Swan`:
Originally posted by Cathulhu:
DSGVO sagt da etwas anderes.

Ich hoffe du hast von deinem Studienfach einen Hauch mehr Ahnung als davon wie man sauber eine Umfrage macht.
Deine mutwillige Ignoranz ist geradezu erschreckend.
Die DSGVO gilt ausschließlich für personenbezogene Daten. Da ich keine personenbezogene Daten in meiner Umfrage verlange (anonyme Teilnahme), benötige ich auch keine Information, keine Einwilligung und keinen Widerruf.

Hast du den Link gelesen?
Im Übrigen: Auch für eine anonyme Befragung gilt der Datenschutz! Selbst wenn die erhobenen Informationen hiernach anonymisiert werden, bleiben sie personenbeziehbar und damit datenschutzrechtlich geschützt.

Zu sagen, dass du bei einer Umfrage keine personenbezogenen Daten erhebst ist einfach nur falsch. Du fragst nach Meinungen, Eigenschaften oder anderem Zeugs ein Umfrageteilnehmer hat.
Du fragst außerdem nach Alter, Geschlecht (bad practice) und EINKOMMEN! Wie kann man da behaupten, dass das keine personenbezogenen Daten sind?!

Lernt man heute eigentlich gar nicht mehr, wie man Umfragen erstellt?
Und vor allem, wo man Umfragen ausführt und welche Genehemigungen man dafür braucht? Auf Steam ist sowas z. B. nicht erlaubt, auch das posten von Links nicht. (Abgesehen davon sind Internet-Umfragen das schlimmste, was du machen kannst. Wenn ich wollte, könnte ich den ganzen Tag deine Fragen beantworten und deine Daten damit völlig verzerren.)
Sep 15 @ 6:35pm
In topic Badge arrangement
Originally posted by Runtime:
Has this been brought up before? Yes.
Has this been brought up many times before? Yes.
Has this been brought up many many many times before? Yes.
Has it been changed? No.

... is it therefore safe to assume that either
- it works as intended and won't be changed or
- Valve is aware of it and will change it in Valve Time?

Just because something gets repeated over and over again doesn't mean it has to be implemented NAO!
Else everything on Steam would be free and we'd get paid for playing games.
Sep 14 @ 6:17pm
In topic Game Minimum Requirments Confusing
Because GTA V is quite old and was available on PS3/XBox 360 and is also well optimize to use fewer resources.

Also minimum requirements are not absolute but the lowest the developers guarantee the game to run. Anything less is on your own risk. Thankfully Steam offers refunds, so you can try whether your PC can actually run it in a fashion you deem playable. Just keep an eye on the refund conditions (<2 hours playtime, within 2 week of purchase).
Sep 14 @ 3:08pm
In topic Steam game rentals, like redbox
Originally posted by north:
you don't own any game on steam, just a licence to play it so you are already renting every game you bought

There are differences between licenses and rentals.
You don't purchase a license to live in your apartment.
Sep 13 @ 5:03pm
In topic Why I hate Steam Reviews...
Originally posted by Threeleaf:
Here is some person posting how the love this or hate that about games they have spent 1 hour playing. Steam should not allow reviews unless you played 25 to 50 hours in a game.

None of my reviews has 25 hours in the game. A fifth have above 20. I played all of the games I reviewed to 100 % completion, which often requires quite a grind.

Most games can be played through within ten hours.
Originally posted by
Do not post any content on Steam containing the following:

Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

Io and behold gender topics are prone to huge arguments.
Originally posted by Nyx:
Originally posted by The Rock God:
I would hardly consider a 1/2" difference to be "a lot".

I really suspect you've made a significant error while performing CM or MM conversion to IN. Either that or you've confused length for width on one pedal or the other.

Depends on the pedal design. Manual shift have two nearly square (brake left, clutch middle) and a long narrow gas pedal while most automatics has a wide brake and a narrow gas.
Originally posted by Cherry baked Alaska:
Originally posted by cinedine:
"Feature is broken" is not even remotely helpful.
How does it behave now?
How do you expect it to behave?
How reproduce the faulty behaviour?

It worked before, it doesn't know. It's that simple. Install the latest feature update, it breaks. Simple.

HOW does it not work?

A game not starting?
The client not re-opening?
The client not opening at the chosen view?
Big Picture/VR not opening?
Not appearing at all?

Do other programs still work as expected?

It's quite bold to demand Valve fixes something when it's an issue caused by a Windows update in the first place.
"Feature is broken" is not even remotely helpful.
How does it behave now?
How do you expect it to behave?
How reproduce the faulty behaviour?
Originally posted by Nasalathotep:
Steam > Settings > Interface > Select the language... > English

Nope, the spell check uses your OS's language.
Originally posted by Jaunitta 🌸:
Chrome updates do not touch user settings you are mistaken sir.
There was no update recently.

Chrome removed the green tile on the address bar for certified connections.
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