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Originally posted by GunsForBucks:
Did you submit a manual ticket for a refund? The bot only will stick to what it is set to, if you need a person to check it you have to put in a manual ticket.

It would be nice if they gave you a link for that with the bot refusal as a lot of people probably end up with sour grapes just accepting the bot refusal.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if they are going to remove that option or find an AI way to filter them. When people on the forums suggest it for games with 400 hours of playtime bought years ago, I can only imagine what they get.
Except this cannot happen with an automated system.
It checks for playtime and time of purchase and if the criteria are met it will accept, if not it will reject with the first failed criteria as reason.

The reason you give is only informational for the studio. No human being has anything to do with the requests.
Heads up: if you get enough mythic shards to unlock the mythic boss, you have to do it in order for the run to count as completed. <.<
Originally posted by Brockenstein:
Originally posted by cinedine:

Can we please stop this?


Originally posted by cinedine:
60 dollar for a major release is the base price. There are various editions for more money and season passes and other DLC often add up to at least the base price again.

Not when the topic is asking specifically about a $70 price point.

Originally posted by cinedine:
Also wages did not rise with other expenses. In most countries prices doubled in the last 20 years, leaving you with far less disposable income.

Thank goodness games haven't increased in price at anywhere near the same rate then. And the way things have evolved there's so many games, sales, and price points, etc that even with depressed wages and increasing prices gaming is still largely accessible.

Originally posted by cinedine:
Judging by sticker price alone is a bad way to judge "prices".

Well I'm not really discussing the whole picture of consumer economics and wages across all products and nations. I'm simply saying games actually cost more in the past. What I am doing is basic, and sometimes basic is enough. I don't think the picture is that grim as far game pricing is concerned even if prices increase on some games with the next console generation.

Wages and cost of living are a larger issue, and while game prices can have a relationship to those, I don't think it's so strong it must always be considered for every statement. And I'm certainly not making claims about anything outside of game prices.

You still ignore that 60 bucks is the entry price. For a new release the game price IS actually closer to 120 bucks now. And for many games there is no upper limit.

Before you bought a game and that's it. Maybe one or two expansions for budget later.


The prices of making a game has very much nothing to do with the price point. You can see this easily with smaller publishers like Focus, 505 Games or Daedalic. Or hell, even EA with Star Wars: Squadrons. Does anyone truly believe these games cost 20+ % less to make? Especially compared to annually released sports games? They are just not marketed as premium products.
Which brings us to another factor: half of the "production" cost is marketing. Ranging from print adverts to Super Bowl ads. From review copies to appearances at trade expos with updwards of 200$/m² booth prices. Excluding the actual booth.
Originally posted by Brockenstein:
I mean even at $69.99 a new AAA game today will cost less than most AAA games from 25 years ago, adjusted for inflation.

Can we please stop this?
60 dollar for a major release is the base price. There are various editions for more money and season passes and other DLC often add up to at least the base price again.
Also wages did not rise with other expenses. In most countries prices doubled in the last 20 years, leaving you with far less disposable income.

Judging by sticker price alone is a bad way to judge "prices".
Did you read the second paragraph you quoted?
Originally posted by Start_Running:
Originally posted by Walach:

But haven't the sales also skyrocketed?
I mean, didn't games like the new GTA earn more than the entire Star Wars franchise from it's birth til now?
No...That'd be silly. and the simple truth is. only like 1% of games ever do that well. You can't really bank on that kinda luck when you're trying to make a livelihood.

That's absolute bull.

The games that will increase in price ARE the 1 %. Are the big budget titles made by studios who crunch their developers to death by minimum wage if they are lucky. By publishers who have CEOs earning millions.
Indie games and studios that really rely on sales will continue to by offered on a budget - that's their main selling point after all.

The one and only reason why game prices will rise is that these companies need to make more money each year. That's why we have a flood of microtransactions and season passes and battle passes and psychological exploitation.
The good news is: we seem to have reach at ceiling for that as in the market is not willing to pay more. So the easy way to make more money is to adjust the prices way north.

It's not about poor developers trying to make ends meet. It's pure unbridled capitalism in action for the next bonus payment of someone who already has more money than some countries GDP.

Originally posted by Start_Running:
They already save a bunch by selling digital at the same price as physical copies which is absurd.
And here's the kicker. They're not saving as much as you think. because the manufacturing was a rather low end for the costs ever since the cd's became a thing. The real benefit of distribution is that it offers an inherent JIT distribution model.

Here's another kicker:
The 30 % cut Steam takes? Way less than the difference selling to GameStop and the like. It has been said time and time again that digital is way cheaper and has higher profit margins. The savings don't lie by the publisher but the retailer. No logistics (delivery, storage), no opportunity costs, no overhead for the store, and way less employees.
The problem is they need the stationary retailers for passive marketing and (for consoles) selling their hardware. So they can't afford to get on their bad side.

Also, this has nothing to do with JIT. But great that you learned a new concept to ignorantly throw around.
What does any of this has to do with Corona? Or are you trying to make it an insult towards Steam support?

Also if you are already on a one-year ban, your problems will likely vanish once it expires. Next step is likely a permanent ban. And jduging by your attitude here a community ban might not be far away either.
Oct 17 @ 3:09pm
In topic No refund 33 days and counting. . .
Did you even aks for one? Did you receive an answer to it?

I mean, I let you know that I still didn't get that five million from Apple.
Originally posted by Satoru:
By this logic Skyrim achievements should be removed, after all, the game was 'removed' and replaced with the Enhanced version. So you know lets just remove Skyrim right?

The original Skyrim is neither removed from Steam at all nor removed from sale, it's just delisted:

Bad example. Like, propably the worst.
Originally posted by Warboss Choppa (SPUF):
My friend is so afraid of external links and viruses he's killing his computer with McAfee, Norton, and Bitdefender constantly running in the back ground. There's a better chance Trump can make it onto Astralis before he went to a phishing site.

These programs don't help you from visiting a new fake website and give you just enough of a false sense of security that you fall victim to these so much easier.

He got his account compromised. Fact. And the most common way is through a phishing site. Either he did himself or someone who has access to it.
Oct 17 @ 12:52pm
In topic Changed D/L restrictions
Originally posted by Washell:

Anyway, 1024KB/s is 1Mb/s

Capitalisation matters ;)

1 MB = 1000 B
1 MiB = 1024 B

For data rates the prefix was always SI conform.
Originally posted by Daishoung:
Used it in 3 games, and i feels fine.
[...] Detroit become human,

What's there to cheat? oO
While I can get behind it in this case, I rather not want my achievements removed for reasons I can't control.
Price question: why do you kill the games instead of shutting them down proper? Maybe you should try to fix that issue first.
And this usually happens if you kill Steam instead of shutting it down.
Oct 16 @ 9:55am
In topic Forgot email for my second account.
Oct 16 @ 9:51am
In topic The future of steam
Originally posted by cSg|mc-Hotsauce:
Originally posted by Jt:
...or do you think for example microsoft buy steam one day

Steam isn't for sale.

At point of recording. ;)
Oct 16 @ 9:45am
In topic Bring back the "Masterpiece" tag
Originally posted by Crazy Tiger:
It was a useless tag, as it's completely subjective and not content descriptive. It's also hard to moderate a tag like that due to its subjective nature.

Great Soundtrack
Story Rich
Replay Value

I don't think "subjective" is a hindrance.
Oct 16 @ 9:38am
In topic Stupid Refund policy
Originally posted by Wraith:
I mean I get the fact that I’m missing your 14 day refund duration but are you going to deny me this request for the sake of 15 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mins?

Uhm ... so what difference does it make? Playtime is just the first criteria checked and you failed. Would you be happy if they denied it on the basis that you are above the 14 days? Allegedly by months?
Originally posted by Ogami:
Originally posted by cinedine:
Remove the license, buy it again and look for yourself.
If it didn't work, refund the game and restore the license.

Steam wont let you buy a game again if you removed the license for it previously.
It will just give the option to restore the license.
So if he cant buy it like he said then thats because for Steam it counts as the same game, no matter that one version is only German/censored and the other not.

They lose nothing by trying. If it works, great. If not, nothing lost. No point in theorising on the forums if you can actually try it.
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