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Originally posted by Count_Dandyman:
I wouldnt get your hopes up with Criterion I remember they got themselves heavily into EA's pockets a while back to work on Need for Speed,

Criterion is actually a subdivision of EA since 2004.
Originally posted by gugnihr:
I wonder how much money people who have fun laughing at Big Rigs would be willing to pay to buy a copy of Big Rigs anyway...
Sometimes I too have fun laughing at things, that does not mean I appreciate those things though... usually I don't and that's why it's so fun to laugh at them.

You wonder from the wrong perspective.
"I wonder how much money I could get by purchasing Big Rigs and show it to people who have fun laughing at it". There are multiple channels on YouTube whichs majority of content consists of showcasing bad games.
If a game is not on Steam these days it has it's reasons. There is no publisher who has never heard of this "Steam" and wonders how much more money they'd get by releasing their games on it.
Originally posted by mass:
well yeah it was a joke obvisouly

There are no jokes in an internet discussion. Period.
What you did was giving someone an idea to pirate games, willingly or not. And it is impossible to determine whether you say something in jest or not.
If you had readthe rules, you might have notices the incredible clear "Any" in bold and underlined. Which is even more noticable than "even as a joke" for "threatss of violence or harassment".

Originally posted by Zero:
As I said, mods are touchy because no hint whatsoever of piracy must be found in the forum. It must be punished and shown as an example. Not exactly sure if it's for the reputation of steam or just because they don't like it in general though it sounds logical.

You really don't see why a STORE won't have any discussion about it? A store that is reliant on people putting their stuff on it, that are also not exactly keen on having their products used without them getting paid.
You can already hide the playtime for all you games and put your whole games list on private if you so desire.
Some games have HUGE files were all the data is compressed in. The downloaded 250 MB are just the delta of this file. You need enough space for the compressed file to decompress and repack itself for the patch to apply.

Path of Exile is most notorious of these titles with a ca. 15 GB file -> 30 GB free space needed.
Jul 17 @ 2:17pm
In topic Steam level and free to play games
Originally posted by Ghost:
The problem is that they can create endless accounts without much effort and i don't know how much valve spends to try and curb the problem but even in the forums people have been tuanting valve etc.

So? People complain about cheaters in CS:GO and literally any other online game for ages. And these games often require a complete new purchase of the title.
Jul 17 @ 2:05pm
In topic Steam level and free to play games
Originally posted by Ghost:
Originally posted by cinedine:
In order to level up you need an unlimited account. Which mens spending at least five dollars on Steam. Which kind of defeats the notion of "free" to play.
Imo it's still free to play, It's just you need to have bought another game on steam first. (or however the limited user thing works)

It's not free if you need a prior purchase. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Jul 17 @ 1:52pm
In topic Steam level and free to play games
In order to level up you need an unlimited account. Which mens spending at least five dollars on Steam. Which kind of defeats the notion of "free" to play.
Jul 17 @ 1:10pm
In topic Alternative steam levels website?
Originally posted by ReBoot:
Originally posted by PCaddictions:
I realize that, thats why I go on youtube and find reviews about that website.
"If it's on YT, it has to be true" has got not few people screwed over.

It's amazing how people find new ways to screw themselves over.
TmarTn/ProSyndicate scam has been just two years ago. The internet might never forget ... but the users sure stop giving a ♥♥♥♥ after ... hey a squirrel!
Jeez, you blow it way out of proportion.

A pre-purchase is a sales contract. Every contract needs a deadline of fulfillment. "Coming Soon" doesn't satisfy this obligation.
Changing dates or having a disclaimer of "approximately" doesn't change this. For pre-orders I can cancel the contract any time as long the other party hasn't fulfilled their part yet.

Else I could sell you teleporters, warp-drives, hoverboards or sequels to Bully all I want and stating "coming soon" or "when it's done" and you have no legal handle on me to get your money back after 50 years. It's not my fault technology hasn't caught up to my offers yet.

Kickstarters and other crowdfunding are a legal hornets' nest anyway. There is a reason Kickstarter enabled the people who got your money to be subject to legal action.
Originally posted by  KARR™:
Originally posted by B l u e b e r r y P o p t a r t:
Yes this feature would be useful to those that add people to scam so they can add in a scam/phish site to the message.

There is no need to verify anything or anyone, just have a message like I do that tells people to leave a message to why they are adding you, I get some that do it and add them for being friends, questions they have (and don't want to get a comment cooldown) and so on.

So rather than just you seeing a potential scam link and ignoring it, you still get the request that you have to ignore/remove, but you also get the post on your comments section opening the link up to your friends and anyone who looks at your profile to click on. You also have to remove the link.

That's assuming scammers are dumb enough to put the link in there.
And not go "You have been reported of duplicate item on this account. Accept or your account get ban." or "Hallo Sir, I have seen you have inventory for Rocket League. Add for trade, will overpay."
Originally posted by Eisberg:
Originally posted by Count_Dandyman:
Theres a differnce between funding an idea because you like it and just want to see it become reality and funding an idea where you have been promised tangible trackable goods or services in return.

Not really. You are still told the risks in funding the idea.

No. If you are promised a T-shirt or access to the finished product for your pledge it stops being a donation and you have entered a sales contract with the other party and they are liable for fulfilling their part.

Boardgames for example use Kickstarter very much as a store.
Jul 16 @ 11:20pm
In topic Lower steam market tax.
To put it into perspective: the cut Steam gets from game sales is heavily suspected to be 30 %, which is also the standard ratio for other platforms. That is money off the work of other people instead of just some digital items you get for nothing.
Jul 16 @ 4:51pm
In topic Need help finding a game

About the same result as asking random people to recommend random games.
Jul 16 @ 4:00pm
In topic Steam store quality control?
Originally posted by CJ HUNTER:
Originally posted by cinedine:

Steam DOES have quality control. There is a reason why some games stay in approval-limbo.
They are just very liberal if a game works and is not a blatant legal issue.

"This DLC is a donation for the developer to sponsor new games. It won`t add or change anything in a game."

This $50 DLC kinda proves you wrong. Where is the quality control ? How can they approve something like this ?

How does it prove me wrong? There is another game that has a one dollar "buy the developers coffee" DLC.
Just because you think it doesn't belong on the store doesn't mean it violates Valve's rules for what is allowed and what not. Last time I checked "being greedy" is not a crime. Would it make you feel better if the "dev" offered a blue skin for this amount instead?

There is a report function if you want to voice your opinion.
I'm more interested in knowing how this DLC managed to get got linked on the game's store page. Which might be indicative for an issue already.
Jul 16 @ 3:13pm
In topic I need help with my new computer
Originally posted by Fluffy unicorn:
What is the gfx card in it as I can't tell...

GTX 1050. So not mindblowing.

Make sure the games run with the dedicated GPU and not integrated graphics in nvidias control panel.

You also overpaid by a good quarter going by Dell's list prices. So if you bought it used or refurbished there can be good number of issues with it.
Jul 16 @ 1:21pm
In topic Steam should auto-categorize games
Originally posted by Eldin:
Originally posted by Start_Running:
People have shown themselves to be very touchy when categories get automatically added to their libraries.
I could be wrong but imagine if someone came and reorganized your bookshelf based on their ideal order... never mind that you you group your books in a manner tailored to your usage
If we had those same options from lorenzostanco in Library that would let us filter games by tags without touching user created categories, I don't see why would someone become mad.

Valve is incapable of implementing something in a sensible way and they have et to understand what good UI design is.

So yeah, I'm strongly against implementing an option forcing stuff on me using a system that is a band-aid at best in the first place.

Also user tags are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. There is too many idiocy going on with them and smaller titles barely have any tags besides the obligatory "indie" and "casual". The genre and features tag are also ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t with MMOs being taged as Singleplayer because you can play alone ... or the thousand possibilities of multiplayer which have lost all meaning.
Originally posted by Jackal:
With all the new things and updates steam have started to force it feel like if there were cops inside the platform enforcing regular laws of the place you live, but this is where they have to understand that there is a big difference between the world outside and the world we are trying to leave outside, why? because is outside. We want to have as much fun as we can doing exactly what we want.

And some people have to deal with enough ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t in their "outside" lifes that they don't want to be bothered with the same or worse asshats in their spare time.
Jul 15 @ 4:44pm
In topic Activating An Unknown DLC Key
Originally posted by MrL0G1C:
I find it bizarre [...]

I find it bizarre that some people try to activate codes that they don't even know what they are for.
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