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Heyo chaps , I am the individual who is more atracted to the artsy internet side, so by that, I don't quite play video games all that much. So if you wish to contact me, keep that in mind , but if you would like to add me for other reasons like: chit chats, help in any domain familiar to me etc. Then don't be afraid to start a conversation with me, that's all for the public chat il give for now, see ya around friend
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Wile our hero (wildcat) is taking a day off , the dominator of the micro world is entering the ring, Pandora! when being an expert in multiple kinds of weapons you can get pretty bored in shooting the same old enemies , that's why Pandora wants to try her
Created by - Chromsmith and ant_spider
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2017 Christmas Inkling
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Team Fortress 2 Mappers - Public Group
For aspiring and veteran mappers looking for help or a friendly home.
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oskar Nov 7 @ 7:56am 
ciel. Nov 5 @ 7:38pm 
Needed to ask you of a favour. Involving Microvolts stuff.
McGregor SLAPPED Khabib Aug 29 @ 5:37pm 
are yiu a scout main, if wich could you add me i kind of want to learn about the class
I am not triggerd, i am trying to make him triggered xD
DIO Aug 13 @ 3:30pm 
Willing to do my work during vacation. This employee will get a raise.
Excursive ๖ۣۜBɨʈ∈ Aug 3 @ 3:01pm