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When I first read this game would be about "throwing cows" I was like "What? The devs must have been drunk", but when I saw an actual ingame video and a few screenshots, I got interested. Despite puzzle-platformer definitely not being my favorite games this game attracted me by the fact that you could see the love the devs put into it - and the super-cute cows. ;)

So I bought it to test if my intuition has been correct, and it actually has. The game is simply awesome (says a guy who mainly plays "old" FPS classics like Wolfenstein 3D, The Ultimate Doom, etc) in every single aspect: The graphics are designed meticulously detailed building up the "right" atmosphere fitting to the fairy-tale (literally) like story (which is quite fun, but still has its deep moments), the ambient music intensifies the immersion still more. The two main characters (three, if you include the queen of cows ;) ) are just lovable and absolutely unique among all the many games I played in my life.

Regarding the actual gameplay: As I mentioned, the game can be described as "puzzle-platformer", whereby the focus of the game is on the various different puzzle elements the it offers. These start pretty easy, but will soon require more and more logical thinking about how to use the environment and the possible interactions between the two main protagonists to achieve your goal, which eventually is - throwing cows, in a quite satisfying way. And with this, the circle has been closed.

I definitely recommend this game to everyone interested in puzzle-platformers or simply well-made games which require rather brain power than good reflexes - and to all people loving cows, of course. ;)

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