☆Christian Widjaya☆   Banten, Indonesia
Before adding me, please check info below!
I may unfriend you if you don't follow it.
Please mention why adding me as a friend
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Read below before adding!
One of Rocket League Indonesia official admin
Profile check: clean
VAC: clean
Community: clean
Trade: clean
(over 300 rocket league trades, above 10 involving steam item (csgo skin, games))
my steam64ID: 76561198115558582, profile: <<<search google if this is a spam site, if you don't believe me
RL tracker clean, just google link removed here
Social Club id: same as my steam id: christianwidjaya
Uplay id: christiansw (christianwidjaya is too long)
Discord: ChristianWidjaya#4939
Origin id: ChristianWidjaya
Elite Dangerous: CMDR ChristianWidjaya

UPDATE: if anyone in my friendlist is scammer, comment right below, i will remove and block him, and if you provide proof i could help report him too.
Since 2018 i dropped trading world due to campus life and work getting intense, so only helping against scammer and advices only for now.

Don't believe my friends are something related to me, someone just comment +rep for no reason, i did also get 400 random friends which is i dont know who are they, so please don't think that except I say so. Some are good person, some are random.

"If you call yourself a Christian, but people doesn't see Jesus Christ in your life, then you are not
a Christian"
in every action i make, I will make it just like i do it for God
Some things you need to know (and obey) before adding me:

Add me if you REALLY want to add me (not random user on internet).
Why? Because it's very likely that i unfriended people who just add me and do nothing in chat for 3 months straight. (For some reason, there's a quite common people like this. Just saying hi and bail for 3 months, no more chats...)
1 month inactivity on steam = bye (friendlist tend to full, even as i level up to 90). Edit: leveled down to 85 wtf steam?
max of 3 month no contact to me, or bye

I tried to enjoy life, every FLAC musics and every games, i play competitive rarely.
Add me for regular gameplay, sure i'm in.
For compe? Maybe sometimes.
FREE COMPE CARRY? No. (Infinite loop).
Other mode carry? Maybe if you friendly.

Spamming group invites/gambling sites
Will lead to unfriend, for sure. Gambling/phishing = 1st invite = bye bye
group invites need to be with a purpose of the group itself, reasonable purpose, or ignored

Only accept friendly player and public profile as a friend
Unless i who initiate the invite. (this doesnt apply for trading purposes)

I may also ignore VAC Banned (unknown) Players or someone suspicious.
100% ignoring people who is in scammer list in rl-tracker

If you agree with this, then you can proceed to adding me as a friend, and make sure you tell me when adding, why you add me.

Other info:

Non-VAC game modder/performance tweaker
(uh, if i modify a VAC game texture/rendering setting i maybe get banned, MW2 has the case), sample: borderlands2, tweaking ini .files, double fps, high quality texture, remove all candy effect.
You can ask me for that file.
Tweak pc configs too, reduce background usage for windows, apps and services, help reduce CPU load, preparing CPU to handle game better.

Free Portal Knights starter armor kit
No, I'm serious, I tend to help newcomers and this armor is pretty useful from level 1-11. Wont be good enough for level 12 but hey, it's free from me :)

Game programmer, script writer, game designer (newB & for hire)

Fps lover
Sometimes sux, sometimes getting pumped out, killing easily and getting too high heart beat rate. Peak: 284 BPM (not because games, but it's real that i get in emergency hospital). >>> Wolf ability
Performance varies, depend on mood and heartbeat

Fishing Maniac

Racing freak
Redout , for instance

Budget-minded Audiophile
If you call yourself an audiophile, but happy with MP3 quality (or only know MP3), YOU ARE NOT AUDIOPHILE!
Me? Enjoys FLAC in a (Poweramp) + 24-bit audio output + (MusicFX) combo. Have difference even in samsung earplug.
Using JBL T450BT now
My only RIG: (It's a LAPTOP! )
Processor: i7 7700HQ []
RAM: DDR4 2400Mhz 16GB
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060-3GB(Mobile) []

SSD: PLEXTOR PX-128S1G for OS []
HDD: HGST-HTS721010A9E630 []

OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language x64

ISP : My Republic speed up to 200 Mb/s (sad router limit only 100Mbps)
(best server) ordinary ping in csgo: 18ms
Sometime DC for a sec, or total DC for hours

Audio Device: JBL T450BT []
Mouse: Logitech G102 []
Ambigous name
Was known by ☆RM☆ Lone Wolf but unfortunately that name is the most debated name in our country (Lone Wolf was identical to terrorist) so i changed my name
My name can change periodicaly like changing to "RIP ISP" or "Electricity Down", etc, this home page layout rarely change a bit, but my ID of "ChristianWidjaya" will not change. To make it not ambigous, you can add nickname "Christian Widjaya" (literally my real name)
Someone ask me, why i didn't use "Christian Widjaya" as profile page? The answer is simple 3 reasons.
-To keep trollers thinks I'm a kid.
-To keep good readers (like you) thinks I'm educated man (born 1997).
-To hide my real face picture and use the relevant image instead.
By the way, I'm the friendliest of the RM group (never backstab) so feel free to contact me of something, or group invite (if you are friendly)
The restriction is just to filter noobs and scammers, spammer, racist/unfriendly player away.
Thanks for reading to the real below of this text, YOU ARE ONE OF 0.13% PEOPLE WHO READ THIS AFTER OPENING MY PROFILE

If you read this, i give you code:
"See the core"
Say this when you add, and i add a bonus friendship consideration for you, since you read this far...
If i would unfriend a stranger that never makes so much contact, you will be my last list

See ya!
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My take on Rocket League's Neo Tokyo, 99% percent looping, no boomerang effect added

Rocket League is property of Psyonix.

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