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As one of the players who really enjoyed the first Ittle Dew, the critical reviews made me hesitant to buy this game at first to be honest. However, I took a leap of faith, ready to embrace the possibility of this game being a bad sequel, and I will have you know that I wasn't disappointed. If anything, I was impressed. Impressed by how creatively they have expanded upon the first game. Ittle Dew 2 is definitely one of the best games I've bought and played this year. This game took an excellent approach towards having a great balance of puzzles, combat, exploration, and humor.

Some people in the reviews are criticizing that the expansion on combat and exploration has sacrificed a lot of the puzzle aspect from Ittle Dew 1, but I disagree. Sure, this game is not as puzzle-oriented, and the puzzles might seem easy in the early game, but you can definitely feel the difficulty rising significantly as you progress the game especially in the latter half of the dungeons and secret dungeons. And with more variety of types added to the puzzles compared to Ittle Dew 1 only having block-pushing ones, they provide more entertainment without being too repetitive and will eventually require you to think outside the box in many ways just as much as the ones in Ittle Dew 1.

There were feedbacks for Ittle Dew 1 that the combat mechanic felt lacking and could be improved upon, and this game did it justice. It's more fast paced, skill-requiring, and provides a much more exciting experience especially when it comes to fighting in dungeons and boss battles. Some people are criticizing that it's just a whole lot of button-mashing the attack key, and while it can be that way, creative strategies and skills can also be possible by efficiently utilizing dodge and various weapons you get throughout the game. Due to this, the boss battles are quite different from Ittle Dew 1 as well. The boss battles of Ittle Dew 1 had you defeating the bosses by having to play by specific strategies. The boss battles of Ittle Dew 2 however, provides more freedom as to how you can approach the bosses with the choices of weapons you have.

In a huge open world, you can freely choose to go wherever you want, and there will be a ton of secrets and items cleverly hidden through variety of puzzles waiting to be found. It will keep you searching and collecting clues anywhere you go, as they can be found in various ways such as talking to random NPCs and being observant about the environments. Each time you discover something new, it will make you thirsty for more until you find'em all. You will always have something to look forward to and be occupied with outside the dungeons.

There are a great variety of unique characters and references in this game, even more than Ittle Dew 1, and there are many dialogues between the main characters and them that will make you laugh and smile. They preserved the excellent humor from the first game and expanded upon it even further. I found almost every interactive characters in this game lovable for their funny and cute personalities, and I am sure you will do so too. They even have adorable VOICE ACTING for the love of all that is good! If you are a fan of Ludosity games, this game has many clever references for you to enjoy as well.

Therefore, Ittle Dew 2 is one of the rare cases of sequel with changes that are ultimately good and justifiable. While maintaining and improving the puzzle and humor aspect from Ittle Dew 1, they expanded on combat and exploration and evened all of them out fairly, resulting in a much colorful experience compared to the strong puzzle-centered experience the prequel offered. And whether you have played the previous game or not, I am certain that you will enjoy this game nonetheless.