Chris de Jong   Netherlands
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Dwizny 13 мар в 11:20 
Happy Valentines Day :heartp: :rosefaerie:
tmblr 15 янв в 10:45 
Shy토끼丨碧荷 14 янв в 6:28 
Daniel Sensenbringer 14 янв в 6:17 
Just seen you at our Dallas Dust2 FFA-DM warming up ( I am so proud that you are warming up on our servers! And your performance yesterday!!! Incredible...

When you are back in NL there will be a hardware update on your favorite FFA-DM-MulitCFG Server! But now I wish you and the whole mouz-team all the best, good luck and a lot of fun for the upcoming games!
Fement 27 ноя. 2017 в 8:33 
Je bent veranderd, wahed fenomeen. - (Fement, May 2017)