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*InfoBox* (Last Update: 14 March)
:csgostar: About Me

:csgox: Name: André

:csgox: Nickname: Chriptus

:csgox: B-Day: July 30th

:csgox: Country: Portugal

:csgox: Genre: Male

:csgox: Job: Computer Engineer

:csgox: Sporting!!

:extralife: 2015-07-02 :extralife:

:csgostar: Social

:csgox: Youtube

:csgox: Twitch []

:csgox: Donate

:csgox: Discord: Chriptus13#0464

:csgox: Skype: Chriptus13

:csgox: Facebook []

:csgox: Twitter

:csgostar: Gaming Setup

:csgox: Laptop: MSI GE75 Raider 8SE

:csgox: Graphic Card: RTX 2060

:csgox: RAM: 32GB

:csgox: Storage: 240GB SSD and 1TB HDD

:csgox: Headset: Asus ROG Orion Pro

:csgox: Mouse: Roccat Kiro

:csgox: MousePad: SteelSeries QcK

:csgox: Chair: Alpha Gamer Gamma Black/White

:csgox: Phone: Asus Zenfone 5z

:csgox: Tablet: Asus Zenpad 10 Z300M + Asus Stylus

:csgostar: Favourite Games

:csgogun: World of Warcraft [] "Um bom MMORPG é pago, os F2P são pay to win!"
:csgogun: God of War #KratosFTW
:csgogun: Minecraft (Nick: Chriptus13)
:csgogun: Counter-Strike:Global Offensive []
:csgogun: Diablo 3
:csgogun: Guild Wars 2 (Nick: Chriptus)
:csgogun: Grand Theft Auto V []
:csgogun: PUBG

:csgostar: Consoles

:HangingController: Xbox
:HangingController: Playstation 2
:HangingController: Playstation 3
:HangingController: Playstation Portable
:HangingController: GameBoy Advance
:HangingController: GameBoy Advance SP - Tribal

:csgostar: Favourite Things

:UniversalLove: My Babe :extralife:

:UniversalLove: Friends

:UniversalLove: Linkin Park :OnFire: (2017-07-20 RIP Chester </3 Forever in my heart!)

:UniversalLove: Marvel (2018-11-12 RIP Stan Lee :'c)

:csgostar: Bands/Artists

:vinyl: Linkin Park :extralife:
:vinyl: Skrillex
:vinyl: Skillet
:vinyl: AC/DC
:vinyl: Metallica
:vinyl: Disturbed
:vinyl: Karetus
:vinyl: Eminem
:vinyl: Borgore
:vinyl: Tech N9ne
:vinyl: Three Days Grace
:vinyl: Bob Marley
:vinyl: Sesto Sento

:csgostar: Random things

:csgox: I'm a juggler! (5 balls and 3 in one hand)

:csgox: I hate cheaters!

:csgox: I rage alot xD

:extralife: I have the best girlfriend in the whole UNIVERSE! DAAAAAAH :extralife:

:csgostar: Quotes

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough", Albert Einstein

"Know how to think not what to think"

:csgostar: CSGO

:csgoct: Highest Rank: Legendary Eagle
:csgoct: Current Rank: Legendary Eagle
:csgoct: Sensivity: 2.5
:csgoct: DPIs: 2000
:csgoct: Main Gun: AWP
:csgoct: I Don't Play: Nuke! (Inferno sometimes)
:csgoct: Smurfs:
:csgogun: Chriptus_2
:csgogun: Chriptus_3

:csgostar: Milestones

:insfist: CSGO - Cobblestone Case Drop [✔] - Sold
:insfist: CSGO - Knife [X]
:insfist: Euro 2016 [✔]
:insfist: Web Summit 2016 [✔]
:insfist: Web Summit 2018 [✔]
:insfist: Level 10 on Steam [✔]
:insfist: Level 20 on Steam [✔]
:insfist: Level 30 on Steam [✔]
:insfist: Level 40 on Steam [✔]
:insfist: Level 50 on Steam [✔]
:insfist: Level 100 on Steam [✔]
:insfist: Level 200 on Steam [X]
:insfist: ComicCon 2018 Volunteer [✔]
:insfist: ComicCon 2019 Volunteer [✔]
:insfist: Lisboa Games Week 2018 Volunteer [✔]

:csgostar: Rules to add me

:stopit1: No private profiles!
:stopit1: No VAC! (my friends who have vac are friends in real life)
:stopit1: Steam Level of 10!
:stopit1: No Scammer/Hacker/Troll! :get_lost:
:stopit1: No Spam! :get_lost:
:stopit1: No Noobs! :get_lost:

:csgostar::steamhappy: Thanks for visiting my profile! :steamhappy::csgostar:

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The Dart Gun is a Poison type Gun. It has 3 Types of darts, Poison, Muteness and Blindness.
You can change dart type by clicking on the right mouse button (aka SecondaryFire).
This script works with TTT gamemode and Sandbox game
371 ratings
Created by - Саник
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