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Also known as: Archite, Aerial, Incognito, Light, Purity.. whatever name I have when you got here.
Some are variations and shorts based on these names.
I have alot of names, nickname me if you have to.


1. Things related to my music channel goes in DISCORD.

2. If you've already met me ingame, feel free to add me. Otherwise comment on why.

3. Trouble in jailbreak? Use the !admin command, don't message me about it.

4. Do not try to force me to play a game I don't feel like playing.

5. I will avoid people who has too many tastes opposite to me.

Jailbreak Admin

- I don't play tf2 often anymore, so I will be banning/muting people based on reports.

- Don't message me, I know that violating the rules are serious issues, but their are other admins.

- If I turn out to be the only admin online, go to the server site and report the violator.


Ingame: Probably playing video games?
Online: Staring at screen, searching for something to do.
Away: AFK or somethin idk?
Busy: Believe it or not I'm actually doing work.
Offline: I'm either a little bitch that hides in offline mode or I'm legitimately offline.


Spots: 60/60 - No more, please do not ask for invitation


Contact these guys whenever theres trouble, not me.


I'm an INFP [] who has for some reason lost their personality. I'd perfer being alone doing my own thing, but I don't mind doing it with others as well. I'm also a very tense gamer, I put alot of effort in it, even though its just a game, I can't help it. I ended up in competitive tf2 for about a year then stopped, I decided to try out some other stuff (Scripting, Music Covers, etc.) and now I'm already regretting it since it takes alot of work keeping my mods and my cover channel alive.

Top Favorite Music

Demon Hunter - Collapsing

Scattle - Knock Knock

Demetori - Ascending Into Naught

Skillet - Comatose

All Good Things - Invincible

Favorite Games

Team Fortress 2
Crysis 3
World Of Warcraft
Borderlands 2
Battlefield 4
Artwork Showcase
Hat Trading
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Workshop Showcase

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Blanc (Next White) Jul 3 @ 5:04pm 
Buddy... It's been a long time. Whiskey Bravo :UT2004flak:

In case ur wondering what happened to Kurome, that Kurome was a fake (the real one is dead), and I learned I was really Blanc in my NEXT Form, so I destroyed the fake Kurome. :DARKVISION: :dg2gun:
MidnighT Jul 3 @ 4:02pm 
Glaze Jul 3 @ 3:57pm 
wb :D
Blanc (Next White) Jun 12 @ 10:20am 
u alright? it's strange seeing you inactive for a long period of time. :blackbox:
Blanc (Next White) May 24 @ 4:50pm 
ur life ain't a joke, old buddy. :BBeldrid:
Coffee May 16 @ 10:01pm 
Hey. I might’ve bumped into you on Payday before. Your name at the time seemed very familiar to me. I came across your profile and content some time ago and liked it quite a lot. You may not remember me since it’s been quite a while since I’ve played Payday. I was a bit afraid to send you a friend request since I was a bit under the weather for a while and worried I might’ve played with you in an upset mood.

If you do remember me though, I’d like to add you and maybe play again some time soon. Otherwise, I like your profile a lot and would really enjoy having you added as a friend.