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*DEAD* possum : chongy
*DEAD* possum : did u know
*DEAD* possum : that u have a babydick

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9:36 PM - casual pubber: play wif me!
9:36 PM - ka-gu-ya ♥: absolutely not
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kwe Feb 1 @ 7:46pm 
where is my iubb playlist Feb 1 @ 4:31am 
wan do warframe?
epik froge Jan 15 @ 10:30pm 
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gkssk446 Dec 24, 2020 @ 8:38am 
Merry christmas

wheres my gift :(
G-H-O-S-T Dec 20, 2020 @ 9:14am 
you were a great demoman thank you for the very enjoyable match. take care, and stay safe :cozybethesda: