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Professional Battle Royale player for Luminosity
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3rd place Fight for the Crown 2017 with Luminosity Gaming: $30,000
2nd place Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 with Luminosity Gaming: $35,000
9th place TwitchCon Legends 2017 solos: $4,000
Most kills in game one at TwitchCon Legends 2017: $5,000


1st place Gamescom Invitational Squads 2017 with Luminosity Gaming: $80,000
4th place Gamescom Invitational 2017 Duos with Ninja: $4,000

Other games:
Number 1 ranked surfer in Counter Strike for almost a year.
4 Global elite accounts with less than 300 MM games played between them all.
Diamond 2 (Master MMR) in League of Legends
2600 (2700 MMR) rated Boomie in WoW at the start of the season, 3rd highest rated boomie and 250 rating away from #1 ladder

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Nightmare - Surf Clan
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lost my job, wife and kids but in the end I still think it was worth it.
SoilGG Apr 12 @ 2:22pm 
added to make artwork'
pawz Apr 11 @ 1:27pm 
Vegans are among the lowest animals on the food chain, as they do not consume other animals. To add to ingury, they are also useless to the ecosystem, as they do not regularly serve as food for bigger preditors, and in tern usually don't decompose. They are even harmfull in many ways to the current ecosystem, destrying plant life at an alarming rate. Out of these reasons many scientists propose to exterminate the speciess over the course of this generation, by preventing there reproduction, to protect and preserve many endangered plant speciess.
FulgeR | CS.MONEY Apr 7 @ 12:41pm 
Happy Easter:caster_wink:
SoilGG Apr 3 @ 8:08pm 
Added To make you artwork!
Foxiegg Mar 31 @ 1:27pm 
Wowee7 is the most complete fighter on this earth. Boyka!
noodles Mar 30 @ 3:50am 
Yea I just hit like the dirtiest headshot in fortnite (399m). It was not my personal best (which is 407m) but it was still pretty impressive because I wasn't really trying at that moment. All my internet friends think I'm lying but what they know am I right? I once posted a dirty NoSc in fortnite reddit (website full of fortnite pros incase you are a n00b) and they gave me like 200 "upvotes". I don't consider myself as a pro but I'm definitely better than 80% of the community. So my question is that why my retarded friends online don't believe me? I'm like winning almost every match but every time I tell them that I've hit some uber long range headshots they don't believe me. Sometimes they even say that I'm cheating but I can't make myself bad at this game because it just happens to be really easy for a real gamer like me...