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Originally posted by powbam:
I don't know who said "gear doesn't matter on Elite" and really I don't much care.

I see.
Originally posted by powbam:
All a person needs to know is 1) get resistances wherever and however you can 2) as far as weapons go get whatever best takes advantage of your skill specs.

And then we're back at: you need the proper gear/weapons on Elite, skills alone won't save you. I dropped a Deahwhisper Leggings the other day, perfect for my cold/frost build...level 58 and I'm 53. That item is basically a Blade Burst for free.
Originally posted by kekkuli:
Can't really post anything now since grimtools is down. But it's true it's easymode, if you know what stats to prioritize in your gear. Faction gear&augments should always be used when possible of course.

My spellbreaker: dps 5300 - off 1150 - def 1262. Armor rating: 834
Cold: 249-470, +795%
Frostburn: 1392-1438, +742%, +135% (duration)
Devotions: Tsunami, Amatok, Harpy, Raven, Rowhan Crown.
Nightblade: dual blade, pneumatic, shadow strike
Arcanist: Olexar's, Sky Shards, Star Pact

In the last 5 levels, the most important things were 2 legendaries dropped, chest and hands. I might have overkilled some stats, but the resistances and armor are the ones I seek. I could modify devotions for that, but I cannot help thinking myself with 2-3 more legendaries, that might save me from respec.
Since someone claimed the Elite mode as easy regardless your gear, I have a pyro, a spellbreaker and a warlock, all 48-53 on Elite.....feel free to post your own "easy mode" build and be sure to not mention gear or weapons ofc.
Originally posted by kekkuli:
It's your build that is the problem. Elite is easy mode on any build if built right, even without tweak gear.

That's odd. This was a looting/gear based game last time I checked....
Aug 12 @ 10:19am
In topic Watch Dogs Legion is Epic Exclusive
Originally posted by SFLone_Walker:
This means all of my games are in one place genius

Yeah, your pc actually.
Aug 9 @ 2:30pm
In topic Crashes crashes crahes.......
x64 for the win guys and gals, give it a try !
Aug 6 @ 4:40am
In topic Crashes crashes crahes.......
Running the game from the \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\x64 folder solved all my issues. Not a single crash in the last 30 hrs. Smooth as silk.
Jul 30 @ 12:16pm
In topic Watch Dogs Legion is Epic Exclusive
Back in the days, Steam went on with a wild exclusivity spree. Call it Valveworks, Gameworks, Steamworks, all those "features" were in place to lock the game onto their platform.

Why would I refuse exclusivity deals now if I accepted them back ? I am not for the double standards. Market is wild, let them fight and get free games and better deals on both platforms.
Jul 29 @ 1:28pm
In topic Crashes crashes crahes.......
I also keep getting a black screen with audio on the background, no other things than ctrl alt del, the crashreporting program is active together with the exe of the game, yet no actual way to see its window/interface.
Jul 28 @ 10:58pm
In topic Watch Dogs Legion is Epic Exclusive
Originally posted by miltoid19:
Also the race was not mandatory for you to participate steam gives as much freedom to it's users as it can for example the Steam Market place, can you name any other store anywhere that gives this much freedom to it's costumers?

Opinions. Meanwhile, give me your phone number so I can let you buy/sell like we used to do.

Originally posted by miltoid19:
In contrast Epic is actively trying to get people to use it by literally snatching games from steam and making them exclusive to Epic store. And some times they don't do it corectly (Tetris effect VR).
So yea I see quite a few reasons to not want to use Epic :bbtcat:

So did Steam back in the days. They basically killed the retail market (not to mention the used market) by forcing evey developer to have their client on the discs and the consumers to have the same client installed.

And this thread shouldn't even exist, since Legion will be on Uplay and GMG (maybe on Humble, Voidu and Fanatical too). It is NOT an Epic's a non-Steam release, like many triple A games nowdays....I wonder why....
Jul 25 @ 12:41pm
In topic Watch Dogs Legion is Epic Exclusive
Absolutely cancer ! Currently not 1 but 2 games for free. Keep on going, enjoying the meltdown so far...
Correct. I do have the additional costume that came with the 1.03.
My version is still 1.02, hence my "it's the DLC".
Jul 11 @ 3:52am
In topic Watch Dogs Legion is Epic Exclusive
"Blindly" ? In less than a year Epic Store had already smashed Steam sale prices for almost every game they've listed. Watch_Dogs 2 = 4,99 on Epic Store with no need to have Epic Launcher active. Lowest price on Steam 8,99 and you are forced to have Steam active in order to play.

"You've been educated" by whom, exactly ? You have no actual memory of what Steam used to be, LMAO to the "no account protection" and "no refund", like if Steam didn't have data leaks in the past...hilarious.

It's the first DLC, out tomorrow.
Jul 10 @ 1:39pm
In topic Is it worth the sale price?
Cheers. Decided to go with Seeker first. Unlimited Red is not at its current lowest price, will wait for it while I play this one.
Jul 9 @ 3:59pm
In topic Watch Dogs Legion is Epic Exclusive
Who knows ? Watch_Dogs 2, Wildlands, Division 2 and Far Cry Primal (maybe Anno 1800 too) had their historical low during the Epic Store sale. No need of anything besides Uplay.

As usual, feeling over facts. Try to be real gamers for once....
Jul 9 @ 2:40pm
In topic Is it worth the sale price?
Currently on sale on Humble Store for the One Piece 20th Anniversary: tempted to get it for 23,99....or maybe just go for Unlimited World Red (12,79) ?
Jul 8 @ 12:45pm
In topic Watch_Dogs 2 full size?
30,6 gb in my Uplay installation folder.
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