Eddie   North Carolina, United States
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Hello! :happy_creep: It's very nice to meet you here.
One thing you should know, I am a psychotic cyberorganic flying robot brain that likes to mind control people and make them fight for me. No biggie.
I like Outwitters. It's basically the best mobile game EVER. It's where the flying robot brain character (the Scrambler) in my avatar comes from.

Apparently I:
• Play TF2 (and other games)
• Draw stuff (for fun, sometimes)
• Made avatars for people (meaning used to)
• Raffle stuff (on
• A fifth thing (and a thing in parentheses)
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(If the artwork up there screws up... pretend it didn't :P)

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I am a donor (before they renamed it to premium) and raffler on
Scrap.TF profile

If you add me , comment below. If you don't comment, I will decline if I don't recognize you.

If you are going to beg for items , don't. I may raffle free things, but it does not mean you can just ask me for anything for free.

If you want to talk , go ahead. I'm not much of a talker, so you will usually start the conversation. If you do, please have a real reason for talking. I don't chitchat. If you feel like I'm clogging your friends list, feel free to unfriend me.

If you want to trade , click the trade link above. It is extremely likely to be turned down if you want an item that I haven't listed for trade anywhere, unless you're gonna pay a lot for it for no reason.

Raffle Groups
If you are going to invite me to raffle groups for "extra slots to win", I'll pass. I may remove you if this persists.
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>Knows Chemoeum is actually a floating Brian which looks like and behaves like a brain, but is overridden by their Brianness.
Nazomblaster5 Mar 13 @ 5:19pm 
hey, it's the Fat Engie Heavy I met before. wazzup, man?
💃🚙🎁 If you could custom blend a perfume or cologne, what would it include? 🍇💄🚕
Metal Luke Dec 26, 2018 @ 11:50pm 
Merry Christmas, Giant Brain. May peace be with you.