Chemistry Rich
Richard Thornley   New York, New York, United States
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EpikMogul May 25 @ 7:38pm 
Hello Mr.Thornley! Planning to send ya something all the way from Canada!
mild-mannered Nolan May 17 @ 8:03pm 
You helped me get through my chem test and I am forever indebted, keep up the great videos!
Local Conservitive May 15 @ 6:14pm 
Can you teach me all of HL chem in a night?
TheRealSanic May 7 @ 3:52pm 
Finally a video creator who can mix in fun and education in a creative way.
Hasan Jan 7 @ 6:37am 
worlds best chemistry teacher in the entire world!!!!!!!!!! He convinced me to try the taste of hydrogen fluride! it was so tasty I cant even feel my stomach
第四帝国领袖 Jan 5 @ 1:05am 
Love your videos man! Really appreciate them :)