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Vineyard Vagabond
Collection by Chemical Alia
A grape harvesting theme for Dark Willow for fall.
Collection by Chemical Alia
My submission for the TI 2019 Call to Arms, a Maya-inspired set for Dark Willow. My Workshop Instagram [URL=https
Crimson Ruin
Collection by Chemical Alia
I wanted to revisit my old Regal Ruin set one last time, and through some optimizations and reworking was able to add so many more details and elements that I originally wanted for Venge! [
Pluto's Legacy
Collection by Chemical Alia
A Cerberus-themed Zeus set for the Collector's Cache Call to Arms inspired by the imagery and mythology of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Thanks to Maxime "MaxOfS2D" Lebled for skinning and LOD 1 work! [URL=
Lyra the Furryfish
Collection by Chemical Alia
For The International 2017, here is Lyra, Coral the Furryfish's fluffy younger sibling! [url=
Collection by Chemical Alia
This year, the Collector's Cache for The International has an aquatic theme. I wanted to incorporate the imagery of sea witches, mermaids, and sea nymphs to create a new and vibrant look for Queen of Pain! The loading screen is inspired by my childhood
Demon Queller
Collection by Chemical Alia
A set for Pudge based on my favorite Chinese legendary figure, Zhong Kui, vanquisher of demons. I wanted to make a New Bloom set that wasn't simply a Chinese-inspired outfit for a random hero, but something that fits his personality and appearance. C
Consequences of the Unforeseen
Collection by Chemical Alia
I never thought I'd see another Tinker set on the workshop, let alone create one! Biomechanical weapons suitable for inter-dimensional battle. Chemical Alia | [url=http://www.twitc
Collection by Chemical Alia
Shredded wings beat on the frozen wind.
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