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Hello there. I see you have stumbled upon my Steam profile, although that is obvious, because had you not, you wouldn't be reading this. Finally decided to re-write this. So, yeah, I play video games. So much of my life is centered around these games, and are a huge part of my life. Sometimes play G-Mod, but I play other games too, namely osu! (I'm terrible), Geometry Dash (Still terrible), ROBLOX, 100% Orange Juice from time to time, and single-player games, such as Skyrim or Fallout 4. Many adults and parents say that you can't find friends online. I think that is completely false, although yes I have a few friends in the real world, almost all of my best friends are found online. I don't know what I would do without the friends I have met across my time online that keep me going. Scroll down for more contacts and game-specific information.

If you want to add me, there are some guidelines, although you don't have to meet all of them, if you don't, comment anyway and we might be able to talk.
1. Try to not be private and/or be level <4. Comment if you are, and maybe we can stay.
2. This goes without saying, don't try to scam me please. I won't fall for it.
3. Don't add me if you are trying to be annoying.
If you want to add me on other platforms or services, links for those I use will be listed.
ROBLOX: https://www.roblox.com/users/78093257/profile (Justtryto)
Town Of Salem: Justtryto
PSN: (Although probably don't bother as I never use it) checryan
DC Universe Online: RIPBEB (Only character I really use, Meta Hero. League is Fearless Pride)
Youtube Channel (I don't upload much, but hey) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIEEVM9ls-YBrsAnBfar2cw

Also on the topic of DC Universe Online, I don't play it all that much. The only episode I own is Battle for Earth. I at one point had a Legendary membership, but it expired some time ago. If you want to add me, go right ahead I guess.

I used to play Stick Fight: The Game competitively, and was quite scary. I still have some skill, but I am pretty rusty and not nearly as good as I was in my prime. If you want to add me for it, go ahead. I took 2nd-4th place in the Yellow Season in the Stick Fight Pro League group, only falling short behind Rosa Syndulla.
Champion of the SFPL Second White Season.
Made it to second round in the First Yellow Season, losing to Zilotron.

I play ROBLOX. You can add me, and I consider myself to be OK at it.

People I consider to not be terrible to me xd
Diamond (Or her other aliases)
Gordon (Founder of Never Stop Gaming)
KFC or dfj33
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you have no parents
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why :(
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yo moma
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what's wrong with that
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