Yngwie   Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
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best way i can describe a depression is like the feeling you get when you've 100% completed an open world game, you've done all the missions and got everything to collect, but you don't feel like there's anything left for you to do, so you wander around with this feeling of emptiness, passing by familiar locations and perhaps reminiscing about that one mission that took place, but in the end you know you have to shut off this game some time, because you simply have nothing left to do
haters gonna hate
TF2 wishlist (for personal reasons)
(just a personal list to keep track of stuff, don't pay any attention to this)
last updated: 7 Dec 2019

current goal: collect all possible self craft stranges (HHH axe and widowmaker remaining)

cosmetics: Boston Boom-Bringer, cheet sheet, beastly bonnet, the sack fulla smissmas, courtier's collar, bonk batter's backup, airdog, herald's helm, lightning lid, pocket pauling, messenger's mail bag, jungle jersey, wipe out wraps, juvenile's jumper, bottle cap, pompous privateer
stranges: australian scattergun and force a nature, festive bat, boston basher, fan o' war

cosmetics: armored authority, Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe, steel pipes, idiot box, man in slacks, hellmet, diplomat, gift bringer, patriot's pouches, attack packs, nuke, shellmet, veterans attire, Tank Top, climbing commander, crack pot, dumb bell, bobby bonnet, dancing doe, peace breaker, party poncho, racc mann
stranges: australium black box and rocket launcher, original, direct hit, festive black box, mantreads, escape plan

cosmetics: last breath, vintage merryweather, rail spikes, centurion, steel sixpack, pop-eyes, special eyes, smoking skid lid, charred chainmail, crusader's getup, combustible cutie, hovering hotshot, cat's pajamas, Pyro in Chinatown, pocket pardner, fiery phoenix, melted mop, spawn camper, wanderer's wear,
stranges: australium flamethrower and axtinguisher, degreaser, festive flare gun, detonator, fire axe, festive axtinguisher,

cosmetics: grenadier helm, juggernaut jacket, sengu sleeves, frontier djustice, double dynamite, snow sleeves, aerobatics demonstrator, spirit of bombing past, bomb beanie, bomber knight, blast blocker, hungover hero, frag proof fragger, backbreaker's guards, backbreaker's skullcracker, bobby bonnet, dynamite abs
stranges: australium grenade/stickybomb launcher and eyelander, loose cannon, iron bomber, splendid screen, eyelander, HHH headtaker, festive eyelander, ullapool caber

cosmetics: copper's hard top, soviet gentleman, heavy artillery officer's cap, gridiron guardian, gone commando, der maschinensoldaten-helm, yuri's revenge, heavy tourism, commando elite, fat man's field cap, nuke, siberian tigerstripe, starboard crusader, Mann-O-War, cool capuchon, paka parka, kapitan's kaftan, soviet strongmann
stranges: australium minigun and tomislav, festive sandvich, fists, bread bite

cosmetics: industrial festivizer, stocking stuffer, barnstormer, timeless topper, trash toter, special eyes, face full of festive, trencher's tunic, wild west waistcoat, dead'er alive, head mounted double observatory, plumber's cap, cold case, Aim Assistant, Defragmenting Hard Hat 17%, Mini-Engy, brain interface, texas toast
stranges: australium frontier justice, festive wrangler, giger counter, southern hospitality

cosmetics: byte'd beak, heer's helmet, vascular vestment, bunnyhopper's balistic's vest, burly beast, field practice, battle boonie, vitals vest, scourge of the sky, harry, mighty mitre, snowcapped
stranges: australium blutsauger and medi gun, syringe gun, festive crusader's crossbow, overdose, kritzkrieg, festive ubersaw

cosmetics: doublecross-comm, chronomancer, snow scoper, triggerman's tacticals, snow sleeves, corona australis, starduster, archer's sterling, rifleman's regalia, down tundra coat, crocodile mun-dee, scoper's scales, bare necessities, wagga wagga wear
stranges: australium sniper rifle and smg, awper hand, bazaar bargain, machina, kukri, shahanshah

cosmetics: doublecross-comm, spycrab, stealthy scarf, chicago overcoat, lurking legionnaire, aristotle, assassin's attire, aloha, apparel, harry, shutterbug
stranges: australium ambassador and knife, festive ambassador, diamondback, your eternal reward, invis watch, festive sapper

cosmetics: gift bringer, cheater's lament (if it becomes tradable anytime), bill's hat, max's severed head, voodoo juju, treasure hat, summer hat, deus specs, merc's pride scarf, ebenezer, (genuine) cockfighter, glitched circuit board, towering pillar of summer shades, horace, polar pullover, fireproof secret diary, potassium bonnett, captain cardbeard cutthroat, Catastrophic companions , duck billed hatypus, patriot peak, legendary lid, hunter in darkness, slithering scarf, balloonihoodie, caribou companion, Lucky Cat Hat, terror-antula, bread heads, polar pal, bat hat, binoculus

dream unusuals: cat's pajamas/ lucky cat hat (any decent effect)

specific weapons (strange or if not possible any other special quality): australiums, horsemann axe, C.A.P.P.E.R., shooting star, big kill, ap-sap, batsaber, robo-sandvich

V needs to be more organised (mark priority weps in bold, sort by weapon type) V
(jungle inferno and later war paints not added yet)

decorated weapons (FN strange of course) :
rustic ruiner shotgun, barn burner flamethrower , carpet bomber stickybomb, spark of life medigun, dead reckoner revolver, balloonicorn sniper rifle, sweet dreams grenade launcher, balloonicorn flamethrower, sweet dreams stickybomb launcher, mister cuddles minigun , blue mew knife , blue mew pistol , blue mew rocket launcher , blue mew scattergun , blue mew smg , killer bee scattergun, warhawk rocket launcher, warhawk grenade launcher, warhawk flamethrower, butcher bird minigun, airwolf sniper rifle, corsair medi gun, butcher bird grenade launcher, airwolf wrench, corsair scattergun

500 XP


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I just checked what time it is for you and I stopped typing sorry if I woke you up
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Spooktastic cat
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