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Personal Achievements

Melting Unlocked


Eyes Unlocked

Reach 2-1.

Plant Unlocked

Reach 3-1.

Y.V. Unlocked

Reach 3-?.

Steroids Unlocked

Reach 6-1.

Robot Unlocked

Reach 5-1.

Chicken Unlocked

Reach 5-?.

Rogue Unlocked

Reach the Nuclear Throne.

Fish Can Roll

Loop as every character.

Crystal Can Shield

Reach 4-? as Crystal.

Everything Hurts

Reach the Nuclear Throne with Melting without choosing Rhino Skin or Strong Spirit.


Reach 2-? as Eyes.

Blood Blood Blood

Reach the Nuclear Throne in under 10 minutes as Plant.


Unlock a Golden Weapon for every character.

Crown Life

Unlock a Crown as any character.

Ultra Time

Reach Level Ultra as any character.

Good Find

Unlock a Golden Weapon as any character.

Not Bad

Reach 7-3 on a Daily.

Bandit Stopper

Defeat Big Bandit.

Dog Owner

Defeat Big Dog.

Hunter Killer

Defeat Lil Hunter.

Vault Raider

Unlock all Crowns as one character.

The Struggle Continues

Loop the game.

Ultra Mutant

Get 100% of the unlocks.

20 hidden achievements remaining

Details for each achievement will be revealed once unlocked