Carsten   Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
If I've recently added you as a friend, it means you're a member of the 100% Achievements Group.

I probably don't know you.

I really don't want to chat. (Even if it says I'm "on-line", I'm probably at work - 7AM-6-PM EST)

I just want to see your achievements pop-up on my blotter, and allow mine to pop up on your's.

This might allow me to help you, and you to help me, in the future.

I've been a member of the 100% achies group for over 2 years now.

I'm a 30-something Dentist. (My avatar is supposed to be ironic.) ("Is it safe? Is it safe?")

That's it for personal info.

If any part of this isn't cool with you, then feel free to block me.

BTW - I try to combine OCD with ADD.

I don't like to just complete one game all the way.

I get the first couple of achies I can on any new game, then go back to the lowest "point value" on the SteamStats site that I haven't yet achieved. (Logically, this should be the next "easiest" achie to achieve). (Of course, if I really enjoy a game, I allow myself to break this rule and play as much as I want, getting achies "out-of-order"). (There haven't been many games like that lately).

Next up Left 4 Dead 2 - Qualified Ride

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