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Cocaine! No, flour. Someone just asked me why I hate the military. I don’t hate the military. I think it’s very beneficial for the military to understand why people want to murder active duty service members. And where terrorist organizations get there money. Because a lot of people in the military aren’t the smartest tools or sharpest tools in the shed, right if active duty service members are being stationed overseas to fight cartels and terrorist organizations that are buying weapons to kill them, and I’m a member of the military stationed in the states buying hookers and blow from that organization that is using that money to buy weapons to kill my brothers overseas, and I’m over here doing ♥♥♥♥ to women and children in my community, creating the information those organizations need to get new recruits to kill my brothers that are stationed overseas, its very beneficial for my brothers overseas to connect those dots.
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Ace Jan 5 @ 11:48am 
Happy new year Biden, it's been a minute since ive been on.
Ţĥę Ģŏďʄąťęŕ Jan 3 @ 9:20am 
Happy new year
goblin karbs Jan 1 @ 2:04pm 
2020 was ur best year cause you made it out da trenches
fig Jan 1 @ 12:54am 
happy new yearrr , u on da rise :}
Hol Horsu Jan 1 @ 12:29am 
Happy New Year!, don't forget to make an actual realistic resolution ;)