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Mossrock RC4
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eighnTes Sep 24 @ 8:25pm 
pls add for annoying fan stuff thanks
Octagon Aug 27 @ 3:30am 
Freyja PLEASE could you take the time to upload pl_effigy to the workshop? It's one of my favorite maps and I think it would be great to have in the map pool.
stephanie etc. Aug 16 @ 2:51pm 
added re mossrock and creators tf
Лёлик Aug 1 @ 1:11pm 
Can you submit your tf2 maps "Sulfur" and "Effigy" for the beta workshop so they can be used in future community updates? Here's a link for the beta workshop page:
Cambridge Yamaza May 26 @ 8:16am 
Pretty sure I played with you in a match on Sawmill. I'm still probs gonna buy you that dinner.
Great maps, nuff said.