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I used to make stuff :note::raburabu: [skincell.imgur.com]

Much love to fer for this! [feryae.deviantart.com] and this! [i.imgur.com] and my steam icon!

Much love to Sumo for this! [imgur.com]

Much love to Naomi for this!

Much love to Pulse for this! (Then I edited it) [imgur.com]

Much love to kirah for this!

Much love to Kjorque for this! [i.imgur.com]
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I know the carwash scares the dog, but tough shit. It scares me, too. :SBchicken: :facepalm:

The mechanism drags our vehicle in and I scream, “We’re going to die!” :csgogun: :tshock:

The dog whimpers and barks. :lhbark: :ira:

“I’ve changed my mind!” I yell. “Oh god, let me out!" I use my fingers to pry at the closed windows, but it’s no use. We’re trapped in a tornado of escalating panic. My loss of control makes it worse for the dog and vice versa. :td1: :crossbones:

I know that in this space, the relationship between the dog and I is toxic, but he’s my friend and we’re supposed to see a movie later. :tschernobeer: :pizzaslice:

I vomit and beg the dog to kill me. I even take his little paws and manually place them on my throat, but either he’s not smart enough to understand strangulation or he fears that my death will force him to surrender a lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to. :gravestone: :yolo:

At long last, daylight. The nightmare is over. The dog and I bolt out of the car and race over to a patch of grass next to the vending machines. :summersun::tschernoscream:

We embrace. There are some things we need to work on, but not today. :plane: :skullove:

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Laptop battery died and I thought it was part of the game.

Kayn Mar 17 @ 11:02pm 
Heh, I unboxed that rebel rouser you got, just figured I'd look up where it is now, glad to see it ended up with someone who enjoys it :D

Fun Fact, was unboxed with 1 key in an unbox bet with a friend so it's a lucky hat, may it bring you luck in your future games
Bee Feb 21 @ 5:38am 
added to ask a question, im a friend of ry4n
T.K. Dec 14, 2018 @ 9:21am 
added to trade
孤寂老仙 S&B>Wallet Card Dec 12, 2018 @ 6:14am 
hi i wtb keys
feryae Sep 30, 2018 @ 10:11pm