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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 9 @ 8:50am

The Legend Begins

Collect all trophies.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 1:58am

God Arc Compatible

Pass the aptitude test.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 5:02am


Perform a resonance between New-Type God Eaters.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 7:09am

A New Leader

Assume the role of 1st Unit Leader.
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 12:45am

The Edge of Truth

Vanquish Dyaus Pita and avenge your comrade.
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 2:33am

Blue Moon

Thwart Schicksal's ambitions and succeed in preventing the Devouring Apocalypse.
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 3:09am

Guardian of the Far East

Wade into danger to rescue the Far East Branch from its predicament.
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 11:35am

Don't Run Away From Living

Confront all hazards head-on and succeed in rescuing your comrades.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 4:42am

Beacon for Retaliation

Overcome adversity and succeed in reinstating the 1st Unit.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 8:45am

Until We Meet Again

Unite with your comrades and settle your grudges.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 8:37am


Teach an ally a new ability.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 10:54am

Exploiting Weakness

Use a typed attack to devastate an enemy.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 8:28am

Divine Fodder

Gain strength by devouring an Aragami.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 11:00am

The Brink of Death

Perform link aid on an ally.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 8:35am

Shared Power

Successfully use a Link Burst.
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 12:55am

A Power Unleashed

Activate a Control Unit's effect for the first time.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 2:51am

God Arc Tuning

Upgrade equipment for the first time.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 2:26am

New Gear

Craft non-clothing equipment for the first time.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 3:17am

Urgent Mission Accomplished

Clear an urgent mission for the first time.
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 1:41am

Broken Bond

Break your first enemy bond.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 1:27pm

Master Predator

Activate five types of Control Unit effects at the same time.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 9:25am

Elite Unit

Clear 50 urgent missions.
Unlocked Nov 8 @ 10:02am

Legendary Unit

Clear 100 urgent missions.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 1:16pm

A Real Treasure

Obtain your first piece of rank 14 equipment.
Unlocked Nov 8 @ 6:15am

Unstoppable Armament

Obtain a complete set of rank 14 equipment.
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 7:13am


Discover a rare Abandoned God Arc.
Unlocked Nov 8 @ 4:56am

Skill Master

Activate 25 or more skill effects simultaneously.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 11:29am

Enigmatic God Eater

Complete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Ren.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 1:08pm

Mysterious Masked Aristocrat

Complete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Masked Ogre.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 9:00am

Visions of Dread

Clear a Perilous Challenge mission.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 9:11am

Proud Survivor

Clear a survival mission on the highest difficulty alone.
Unlocked Nov 9 @ 8:50am

Most Trusted Ally

Use one type of equipment for 500 missions.
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 11:26pm


Break 100 bonds.