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Unlocked Mar 11 @ 4:58am


Bid your love goodbye.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 5:24am

Welcome to Hinamizawa

Meet the villagers of Hinamizawa.
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 1:53am

One Man's Trash...

Help Rena find her treasure.
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 2:38am

A Fate Worse Than Death

Have your luck run out.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 7:51am

Not a Clue

Receive an unexpected report.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 8:42am


Lie to Rena.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 9:04am

Hard to Swallow

Enjoy(?) a homemade snack.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 3:49am

Chasing Shadows

Pursue the truth behind the crimes.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 5:20am

Pinch Hitter

Take up another's bat.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 6:06am

Rain of Apologies

Falling on deaf ears.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 6:50am

Chased by Shadows

Run from the truth of your crimes.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 6:58am

Please, Uncover the Truth

Complete Onikakushi chapter.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 7:07am

Onikakushi Party

Enjoy Onikakushi's after-party.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 6:10am

Detective - Onikakushi

Read all TIPS in Onikakushi.