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Being Normal - Quancy Smellyhand - English 1302-165
Today's society is driven by a single motive, being "normal". The word Normal has several meanings, all of which describe the same key concept, uniformity. To be normal has changes from just being nice and polite, to doing what everyone else is doing, listening to the same music as everyone else, and acting the same as everyone else. There is no one way to act that can make someone seem normal. Normal changes every day as more and more trends pop up, altering societies ideas of what all humans should do in order to be considered socially acceptable.

With societies definition of normal constantly changing, it has become harder and harder to obtain such a title due to the high social expectations that have taken over the minds of those that are a part of society. Having to learn what's hip and what's lame can be confusing since everyone is going to have their own opinion over both topics. This can lead to those who are mentally ill not being able to adapt to our constantly changing society and possibly isolating even more. David Welton has looked into the affects that a complex society can have on the mentally ill. He states "They will be labeled as different and become isolated. They will be feared as strange or even dangerous" (Welton 403). This quote shows how David Welton fears that soon society will completely isolate those who are unable to adapt its continuously changing vision of normal.

The idea of normal isn't only affected by how people act socially, but also by how they are financially. It has become normal over the years for any member of society to have a well-paying job that allows them to meet a certain financial status. These ideas, however, have been bypassed with the coming of recreational jobs such as becoming a part of the music or entertainment industry. These jobs allow people to do things that most people may do daily but instead of just performing the acts for fun, they are performed for money. Akyil, Prouty states, "Social change that emerges as a result of economic developments, urbanization, technology, or immigration can result in a generational gap which may invalidate parental values" (Prouty 369). In this quote, Prouty is explaining how a difference in financial hopes among family members could lead to disagreements. A father who worked his whole life as a part of a large corporation may be disappointed to hear his child wanting to be a music artist or movie star.

Another example of how financial status can affect the way a person is viewed by society are the homeless. Many homeless people go ignored and avoided due to the stereotypes that they are usually associated with, like being dirty or dangerous. These negative views are inhumane and absolutely unacceptable in society. Nobody should be discriminated against purely because of their social status, everyone has their own personal identity that means more than any of their other characteristics. Proof of this concept can be found in an article written by José Juan. José states, "Stereotypes of homeless people mainly have very negative characteristics, which may lead to negative attitudes toward this group" (V´azquez 129). This statement serves to bring light to the fact that homeless people are usually viewed with negative thoughts and are therefore considered social outcasts.

Adapting to society is no easy task, it can require someone to completely forget all of their beliefs and live by a new motif. This may seem easy for the younger members of society as they are able to take in information much easier, however for the elderly, this is no easy task. The elderly may not be able to disregard their past in favor of the future, as doing so may seem cruel since they have more memories to forget. Louise Crooks writes, "We know that life is not static – that the forces of change are constantly at work for old and young alike" (Crooks 556). With this quote, Crooks is explaining how both the young and the old are affected by societies everchanging definition of normal.

Everyone has questioned their Normality at some point in their life, whether it's through feelings of sadness or confusion, it happens to everyone. Trying to fit into a box that is constantly changing in shape is no different than trying to fit into a world that is constantly changing in social acceptance. Being normal shouldn’t be anyone's goal, being yourself should be everyone's goal.
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