Miles Hadley   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Lifelong gamer, modder, nerd, philosopher, dreamer and storyteller.
I'm writing a novel to be published based on a series of dreams I had. It has been my dream to be an author ever since I was young.
I'll also be authoring a series of original short stories based on the world of my dreams.
Additionally I am working on an RPG Maker set in the universe of my novels and short stories, game that I intend to release on Steam through Greenlight, or alternatively through Desura or other methods.

I made a mod for Dark Souls 2 that is pretty popular, please take a look at it if you own Dark Souls 2:

I also have a Youtube account where I rarely post stuff.
My brother posts videos much more frequently and you should check out his channel.

I prefer to experience slower paced story, atmosphere, exploration and puzzles in my games over pure action, but I enjoy all kinds of games. Everyone needs to just sit back and kill virtual baddies sometimes, right?

My top three favorite games are Metroid Prime, Majora's Mask and Dark Souls, although I have spent much of my time in Garry's Mod due to the vast freedom of expression it offers.
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