Jennifer   Sacramento, California, United States caster since April 2009
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Catreina 7 авг. 2015 в 2:11 
Follow me if you wish at my website (which WILL be updated) or my Facebook page: and
HAGALALA 27 июл. 2015 в 18:42 
Awesome! Good Luck!
Catreina 27 июл. 2015 в 18:08 
I don't know when I -will- be streaming again. I moved from Massachusetts to California at the end of May, and will be finalizing the move on August 3. After that I have a lot more work to do before being able to get back into things.

I took that 2 months to have fun exploring the country with my family =)
HAGALALA 27 июн. 2015 в 15:15 
You don't stream anymore?
TheMoJo17017 26 июн. 2013 в 15:12 
Thanks for the add :)
Headjacked 1 апр. 2012 в 2:59 
i invited you to my game on portal 2