Hi, I'm your humble fishstick fiendlord.
Hey there, I'm Cat! Nice to meet you!

I create things and play video games from time to time. Pretty simple, aye?

Want to send me a friend request? I only accept friend requests from people I have played or had something to do with in the past. If I don't know you or we've just briefly met: send me a quick message somewhere other than Steam and I'll be sure to add you!

If you want to talk or play a game or two your best bet is finding me on Hivecom []. Other than that you can check the contact area on my website [] for further information.
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Hi you can trade with me if you want too. Check my inventory if I have something you like!
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Rhythmic Strengths 12 sep om 4:36 
Hi, do you have any tips for creating a good audio visualizer? I apologize if I'm in the way.
Jokler 18 jul om 7:23 
yes, read the coc pls
Chantaro 16 jul om 13:25 
Konki 28 jun om 13:17 
I need some help with EAC in Fortnite, cause i have same kick error like u had. Help me please if you can:) Thanks
The Jarl 25 apr om 16:35 
Food is one of the most dangerous substances known to humankind. It is not only poisonous, but carcinogenic, so much so that it or one of its derivatives is found in the tumours of all cancer patients. Unfortunately for us, it is also notoriously hard to avoid and extremely addictive, so you probably eat it every day.[1] The world of conventional medicine has mostly failed to recognise this threat to public safety, going so far as to advocate its consumption. Alternative medicine, however, is well aware of the dangers of food, and alternative doctors never allow their patients to eat it. As food is everywhere, the difficulty of avoiding it discourages many from following through with alternative treatments, and they go back to clueless conventional doctors who rely on old-fashioned cutting, burning and slashing.[2]
Jokler 16 mrt om 8:58 
The thing that makes us, people of the internet, so enticed by anime girls is that they are unobtainable. They are something we can only fantasize about. Our "interactions" with them being limited to our imagination-which is subjectively unlimited-is what makes them good lewding material. They are an escape from the bounds of reality. So, if we were to add them to the realm of reality, we would soon enough grow tired of them. As we grow tired of our everyday routines, we can escape by fantasizing about these characters that don't exist.