Hi, I'm your humble fishstick fiendlord.
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Killing Floor 2
Hey there, I'm Cat! Nice to meet you!

I create things and play video games from time to time. Pretty simple, aye?

Want to send me a friend request? I only accept friend requests from people I have played or had something to do with in the past. If I don't know you or we've just briefly met: send me a quick message somewhere other than Steam and I'll be sure to add you!

If you want to talk or play a game or two your best bet is finding me on Hivecom []. Other than that you can check the contact area on my website [] for further information.
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We are the Hivecom gaming network!
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Hi you can trade with me if you want too. Check my inventory if I have something you like!
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Wonderful time with kagedreng
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_SLATT ! Fuc it ! před 19 minutami 
forgot to mention as well that there have been claims that Ultimate Ninja and Completionist may actually be bugged and currently unobtainable, so i'm even more suspicious as to how you got them all.
_SLATT ! Fuc it ! před 16 hodinami 
if you could, it would be nice to see proof of your stats in-game, just to show you do have everything.
Catlinman před 23 hodinami 
Sorry habit to just remove if I dont know the people!

Offline play on a second system so I could still work on my main rig. Used to play and get all the achievements for the XBox version (N+) back in the day so had to do the same for this one! :)
_SLATT ! Fuc it ! 20. srp. v 13.36 
i asked you a simple question, why you gotta delete it

how did you get every N++ achievement at the same time? did you cheat or is it just offline play
Jokler 18. čvc. v 7.23 
yes, read the coc pls
Chantaro 16. čvc. v 13.25