Hi, I'm your humble fishstick fiendlord.
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Hey there, I'm Cat! Nice to meet you!

I create things and play video games from time to time. Pretty simple, aye?

Want to send me a friend request? I only accept friend requests from people I have played or had something to do with in the past. If I don't know you or we've just briefly met: send me a quick message somewhere other than Steam and I'll be sure to add you!

If you want to talk or play a game or two your best bet is finding me on Hivecom [].
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We are the Hivecom gaming network!
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Hi you can trade with me if you want too. Check my inventory if I have something you like!
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jamie 10 юли в 13:50 
add me back please
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The Jarl 27 май в 2:44 
you spell cat man wrong XDXDXDdx silly man
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when you buy bread with CO2
honza 7 ноем. 2018 в 12:29 
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ReFluRo 12 септ. 2018 в 4:36 
Hi, do you have any tips for creating a good audio visualizer? I apologize if I'm in the way.